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Pop Stars Inc.

Hello and welcome to Pop Stars Inc.

We are your humor guides, V and Q. Here at Pop Stars Inc. you will find humor mainly on Backstreet and *N Sync, but there will be much humor on other pop artists out there. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

~V n' Q~

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3.) You think pop stars are the greatest thing to ever walk this earth and you will kill any one that makes fun of them
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I would rather Nick punch Lance then glare.

Nick: Damn you Lance for being whiter then me!

Wat's up wit dat?!
Translated: Updates

Hello people. It's just going to be Q for now. V has decided she doesn't really find the same joey, i mean joy she used to in the pop humor area. She's not totally leaving, but she will be taking a hiatus, until she feels like returning. She will be doing a little bit around here, but the Nsync part won't be updated until she feels like returning.

Please don't be mad at V for leaving. It was her own decision, and I think if anyone is going to be mad it should be me. But I'm not. V has just found a new taste in music, as have I. But I still really like pop. V is still as funny as hell, but she just doesn't feel like applying it to something she really just doesn't find joy in anymore. And be happy that she hasn't entirely left. She will be helping me out still, by making this site look fabulous, and giving her input!

Since this was pretty serious introduction, I'm just going to leave it at that. *walks off dusting off the site and whistling a happy tune*

This site was created August 15, 2000
Updated: May 21, 2001

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