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Meet B, the first person to be asked on to the PSI staff to "work" part time.


Name: I'm not afraid. I can say my name... it's... it's *pulls blankie over head* Brande. There. I said it. NOW STOP HOUNDING ME!!!!!!

Nicknames: B, Keebler, Elf Girl, Elmo, Mrs. Fatone, Justin (joke),Freak... umm... pretty sure there's more... just can't think of them.

Birthdate: January 2, 1981 (that makes me older than Justin!)

Height: 5 ft.

Lives: Bellingham, WA (recently moved from Sacramento, Cali)

Love Life: Other than Joey?? *L* Yes, I have a boyfreind....Derick.

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, writing fan fics.

Pet Peeves: People who diss me for liken' the guys (cause I'm 20. Big whooptee freaking doo) or when peeps find out I write fan fic and wig out.

Favorite Quote: "Why you stuck up, half witted scruffy looking NERF HEARDER!" ~Princess Leia (Empire Strikes Back)---"Who knows where thoughts come from. They just appear." ~Lucas (Empire Records)---"Yeah well it's not as sad as being a 19 year old vir...never mind"~Chris (arguing with Justin)

Favorite Nsync Member: Love them all...so...gotta' have an order: Joey, Chris, Justin, Lance and JC...well...Lance and JC are tied...so are Chris and Justin....but...JC's hair...since that is a being of it's own...he's dead last.

Favorite Nsync Song: "It's Gonna' Be Me" or "If I'm Not The One"

If she saw Joey on the street she would... JUMP HIM! *L* No...I'd probably either just stand there looking at him with my jaw open...or....faint. One or the other.

Quote she were recently heard saying: Well...there's two. The clean and not so clean. (Not so clean. FUCK YOU ELMO!) and clean "JC's hair is possesed. It's evil. It made my car freak out."