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Webmaster's Note: V (who runs Nsync Land) is taking a long hiatus, so don't expect Nsync Land to be updated soon. Just hope V comes back soon, lol. ~thanks~

What up in NsyncLand? Well I'll tell ya...

Hey folks! I have NOT done anything on the site for a while, and I just am going to try and start to put more up...sadly, I'm losing my humor for the guys...I guess I just need more motivation or something, Q has done, pretty much everything on the site now. Ah well, GO Q! But trust me I will try harder to entertain *cheeky grin*

So, Nsync news...let's see, the recent thing I just saw with joey that pissed the hell outta me was that damn rumor about him in a car crash, I thought that, THAT was a new teeny bopper low. I mean seriously, just because your jealous of the mother of that baby of his, doesn't mean you gotta make a rumor about his death...or serious injury. Well, anyways I just thought it was lamer than lame. But what else...has anyone noticed that JC has taken the part as the "gay" nsync member, poor lance lost his only trademark for nsync. It's just Jc has been dressin' and actin' pretty girlish. Silly JC, I suppose that's what bob(bi)s will do to you. And also, have you seen how good that Joey and Lance are lookin, wow. Let's seeeee...the new album "celebrity" is coming out some time soon. Are they just asking to be mocked? I think justin's ego got the best of him with that title. Well, I just hope it doesn't bomb, gosh, an album called "Celebrity" bombing...that would be sad. Well, that's it for now! Have fun kiddies, check out NsyncLand if you get the chance!

LMFAO...just read some of the things on there, they're REALLY random...like pop tarts? Very strange. No, but they get specific like "chocalate pop tarts". Captain Crunch too! I love that stuff. Ok, scroll down and read the "supporting act dressing room"...compare it to nsync...jeez! They get pretty much nothing, very sad. Ah well, I thought this was kind of funny.


hmm...intresting, pop tarts?

If I stole any of your pictures, I'm so sorry! But just e-mail me and I'll link you or if you want, take it off. Thanx