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V, Q, B, and others confess their deepest and darkest secrets.

Q ~ I listened to the new Christina Aguilera CD in Borders.

V ~ I think Howie looks hot in the new video.

Q ~ I almost bought the new Christina CD.

V ~ I wanted to call into my radio station to get the new Nsync board game.

Q ~ For two weeks, I would occasionally wink like Howie.

V ~ I forced Q to do the calling for the game.

Q ~ I *sigh* am going to an Nsync concert.

V ~ I've been to www.jclickedthestage.com..many times *sigh*.

Q ~ And the mother of all confessions... I was a Hanson teeny back in '97.

Sam ~ *mumbles* I'm a 22-year-old Nsync fan that runs a fan fiction site about them.

V ~ I have... have... *hangs head* bought the Nsync lip balms AND lolly pops.

B ~ I'm a Justin fan. Yes, I admit this I love Justin.

Q ~ I sometimes buy teenybopper magazines.

Sam ~ I hide all my Nsync stuff when friends come over.

V ~ I'm going to a BSB concert and intend to scream my ass off like a teenybopper. Plus I intend to buy every fricken peice of bsb merchandise while I'm there *sigh*

B ~ I have been to three... count them three *N Sync concerts, and I'm planning on going to the next one.

Q ~ I bought the Dream CD. *sigh*

V ~ I made an Nsync collage and hid it under my bed.... 'cause I refuse to put up anything NSync in my room for fear of teenybopperism.

B ~ I went to Canada to see the *N Sync IMAX movie. If that isn't sad enough, I was screaming at the screen.

Q ~ After V accidently ripped down some of my BSB posters, I pulled them out of the trash and tried to fix them.

B ~ I write *N Sync FanFiction.

Q ~ I have a Nick calender.

B ~ I want to work at Busch Gardens in Tampa because they *N Sync boys go there often.

Q ~ I also have a BSB calender.

B ~ I bought ALL the McDonalds stuff.

Q ~ I bought ALL the BK stuff.

B ~ I own a Joey marionette and a Joey beenie bear.

Q ~ Along with the two wall calenders, I have a date book, and locker calender...

B ~ My cars name is Poo Fu (It's a white 81 Toyota Celicia)

Q ~ I call my cat Moose... I don't know what this has to do with PS confessions, so nevermind.

B ~ If I could....I would date Chris Kirkpatrick. Even though he's 9 years older than me. So I also have a crush on him too.

Q ~ I *sigh* can't do the Bye Bye Bye dance.

B ~ I do the Bye Bye Bye dance... in my car.

Q ~ I was basically a teeny bopper all before the Backstreet Boys concert

Nicky ~ I once bought concert tickets to see Christina. And I bought all her merchandise which I burned later on. I bought all that to be cool. *sigh*

Lucy ~ I have ALL the Nsync marionettes

Q ~ When I'm in my obsessive/teeny mode I can be really perverted

Lucy ~ I have both the Nsync and BSB board games

Tanya ~ I used to vote non-stop for Aaron Carter on the Nickelodeon site... and I would get mad when Baha Men won

Lucy ~ I had two 98 CD's, so I traded with my sister for Christina Aguilera and I'm listening to it right now

If you have a confession you would like posted, send it to us.


Thank You:
Sam, Lucy, Nicky and Tanya for sending in your confessions.