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Pop Stars Inc.
V n' Q!

Hey y'all, yes that is a rare glimps of V and Q. Also if you want to e-mail us you can...we will respond!!! Tee hee! We have uploaded our clip so you can now see AND hear us!

E-mail V n' Q

AIM: Pop Stars Inc

Voicemail: 1-877-823-4500 ext. 005

The Queen's of Dorkdom!

That's us! V on your left, Q on your right. Yes, we know it's kind of self centered to put pictures of ourselves on our site, be we thought you may want to put names to faces!

~V n' Q~

Click here to learn more about V!

Click here to learn more about Q!

Hey you can also IM one of us, and e-mail one of us!

V: skippyv@mtv.com
Yahoo IM: lancesbeanybaby
AIM: RomanticChickV

Q: LilDuckyQ@yahoo.com
Yahoo IM: LilDuckyQ
AIM: LilDuckyQ