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Funny Pics

Now that's what I call a group orgy!

Justin T: Oh, yeah, Chris! That feels so good!
Chris: Uh huh huh!
Jeff: Cheese!
Justin: And all the girlies say I'm pretty fly, for a white guy
Lance: Remember what Chris taught me, take it slow and he'll love it
Nick: Um, is Lance trying to cop a feel on me?
Joey: Will you hold me, JC? I'm cold.
JC: Um, urm, uh, help?
Drew: Who da man?!

Q: *singing* She's a bitch...

Christina: Hey, it's Carson! Time to work my devilish- I mean angelic seduction on him...*evil laughter*

Oh, yeah!  And they wonder why they weren't liked in the early years?

Howie: I am so good looking, one crazy Mofo.
Kevin: I'm so manly. All the chicks dig me.
Nick: That thing kinda looks like a Twinkie.
Brian: Are we done yet?
AJ: You know you want me.

Yee haw!! Get a long lil' doggy!

Britney: (singing) I wanna be a cowboy baby...

Q: Okay, when I first saw this I thought, "Badly mismatched, Kid Rock." Then I was wondering what was going on in the background with those two girls????

Thar she blows!

Mandy: I think I'm allergic to the combination of fans and prozak! *sneeze*

You know she got implants!

Hey look! It's Work Out Barbie! No, wait a second, it's Christina Aguilera. Damn it!!! I wanted to meet Barbie so bad!

We're beginning to think he's an alien...another theory in the making?

Nick: Here come the men in black! Galaxy defenders...Come on Brian, do it with me!
Brian: (to person, probably Kevin) Can you believe this guy? What a dork!

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