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Lets laugh our asses off as we make fun of the Backstreet Boys here!!

oh yeah baby!

Yeay! Backstreet Land is a fun place to go to! Now go there now!

Um, yeeah.  What the HELL is he doing?!?!?!

What's Up In Backstreet World?

Hmmm, I'm at my dad's right now, so I don't know what TV Guide cover I got. *runs home to check* God, damnit! It's not hear yet! I'm getting them all so it doesn't really matter. But, yeah. I don't really want to look like a teeny bopper so I'm going to buy them all from different stores. What's funny is... um, yeah. I don't remember. Anywho, I think I'm going to go and buy my millions of copies of TV Guide...

Backstreet "You Dumbass" Quote of the Day:

Now see that right there is scary ~ Nickolas "I'm Sooo Scary" Carter.

*looks at herself and mouths "me?"* Well, humph! I'm not that scary. *watches as little kids run away screaming in fright. Aw, to hell with all of ya's!