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A Little Eye Candy

Ok, I'm hoping this makes up for some of those scary pix!

Joey, that's really nice that you can stretch that. Lance, what's wrong honey? Justin, back that thang up, j/k. Chris, you look like a mime, please don't scare me! JC...uh....(place funny comment here)....I really have got nothing on JC, he's too perfect (or boring however you wanna say it).

aw..do they come any cuter than this?

Aw, I can't think of anything silly to say about this...just cute.


Ok, so lance looks a bit goofy, but still...that is a really happy picture of all of them! Uh..nevermind, I just saw chris. Sheesh, he killed it.

they look so happy here, lol

Well, first of all Lance was just too adorable in the RMA's along with babyfaced Joey, and Chris....But Lance in leather...he can totally pull that off. Ditto to Joey!


Lance and his candy!

Yummi! Can I have some?

Lance, yes, that's lance at sea world...funny huh?


WHOA...coming from a person with a tummy fetish...that has to be like the best thing I have ever seen *babbles on about how sexy that tummy is*