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AH! Look at that thing, Dirk is kina freaky...

Lance, that thing is REALLY scary. Yikes


Ok, what I'm getting from this pic is that, a man is pushing them on some kind of cart (?), Chris is juggling some kind of fruit, while Joey is sitting on his lap, and taping the whole thing...oh yeah, TOTALLY normal down to earth everyday guys....

Scary hair chris

Oh no, Chris, and that hair...very bad. Just ugly, I'm glad he's over the scary hairstyles.

*nice subtle music* *joey walks in* BOOM DEMONIC ELMO HAIR! ruinin the mood I tell ya

Aw how sweet, they're performing with gloria...then BOOM, JC is a ball of light and Joey is a demonic elmo (at least his hair) Must they ruin the subtle mood here?

What's up with Kathy raping Lance, sheesh...ah well.

That's frightening...just frightening. (hmm...are you noticing a pattern of which nsyncer is used here the most...LoL)

Whoa, what's up with JC's hand there?

WHOA, Lance, is enjoying that WAY too much, same with JC. Chris looks like a little boy here kina...all in all, an odd picture. Oh and I love the shirts, Joey-Spear Britney and JC and Justin-Boy Bands Suck...LoL

hmm...a bit too much to drink there?

Anyone remember the spring break countdown? Well if you don't let me refresh your memory, ALL of nsync was drunk...Lance and Joey especially...um..there was jumping on a bed while singing "Livin Lavida Loca", also feeding eachother from sticks. This is a pic of the drunken Lance.
Q: *appears out of nowhere* Oh, that's my little drunken Lance *pinches his cheeks and leaves*
V: *glares at the reatreating Q, then pats Lance's "tummy" reassuringly*


Justin:*in a drunken voice* Joey I told you, britney did NOT poison my drink and make me buy her this new car, honest..
Joey: Justin...*shakes head* You'll never learn
Lance: *thinking* Dayum, this is why I'm single.
JC: She's been whipping you since Mickey day's J... you gotta let her go... or let Q kill her off...