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Hella Funny Pix!

must he scare me?

Ok, this isn't even ....funny! Why the hell would anybody let him do this? And they say everyone in Nsync are friends, they would have stopped this madness!


I dunno what to say about this one, it's sorta cute.

what the hell are they on?

Ok, I sweeeaaar they are on something. But Justin looks like he's VERY afraid of his groupmates, Joey looks like he took too much of ..whatever it was that they're on. Lance looks like his momma saw him take it. Chris...well Chris looks like he's having a weird hillusination..from..yeah.

Doesn't Lance look like he NEVER wants to see or hear of Poofu again?

It's Poofu! He's NEVER going to live that one down. But I think they should bring back Poofu, WAY cooler than Barney, I would watch Poofu. Wouldn't you?

hmm...pictures like these makeya think...

There are times I begin to believe the Albino theory....

none of that!

Um..no. What the hell is going on here? I won't stand for it! Lance and Joey get off eachother!

huh, howie for joey, no not a good trade.

Did Nsync trade Joey for Howie?

that's kinda creepy

I guess they did! I don't like it, looks like nsync got ripped off!

No really, he is cool, see he has a sign to prove it!

Does anyone remember those Mc Donalds commercials? Well this is Lance after that one chic had a "JC is cool!" sign. So Lance made his own...lmao.


I know what you're thinking.."What's so WONDERFUL about this picture?" Well, I'll tell you, that will be the ONLY time you see JC do that...unless of course him humping the stage will make up for it?