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Funny Pix

Why the hell did anyone let them publish these pictures?

um...what's so interesting?

Joey: What's so interesting guys?
Justin: You know I never noticed how good you look in those little shorts joey.
Chris: I don't get it?
Lance: I wanna see justin!
JC: Is this shoot done yet? These guys are scaring me.

that's what I'm talkin about! lol

Ok, can I just say I have no objection to this picture. But doesn't it just SCREAM Lou Pearlman? And the caption... LMAO! Sorry, I think that is hillarious.

Justin and JC must have excited each other.

My first reaction to this picture was, "Oh my gosh that is the cute-" I was interupted when I noticed some *ahem* areas were blurred. Notice Justin and JC must have been a little excited to see us. I swear I had nothing to do with the digital blur. Scary huh? Seems like Lance, Joey, and Chris, have a little more self control.

What's goin' on here?

Joey: Hold me!
Carson: Security!

no no no

Can I kill this photogragher? What the hell was he thinking, "Oh yeah this will make the girls go crazy as well as kill that whole gay stereo type thing!"

Let V, make it all better Joey.

V: Aw, isn't Joey the cutest?
Q: *shrug* maybe...
V: Shut up Q! *smacks Q in the back of the head*

I don't even wanna see that

Um..caught him at the wrong time, I guess. At least I hope that wasn't a pose, lol.

Whoa, tight shirts, yikes!

This is an old pic, I know. I just had to put it up though! Aren't they cute? Ok that's the limit to my teeny bopper madness.


Lucky girl!

That is one odd group orgy.  Lemme in!!!

This is Q, and this is what I have to say: JC is sucha wanna be ghetto boy (leave it to Justin, JC), Justin looks like he is wiping his ass, Joey was got in a very intimate moment with himself, even though he is bending over Chris looks a lot shorter then usual, and Lance looks way to excited to be on SNL.

want more?

Hella Funny Pix!