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BSB Bios

Here are the bio's for our favorite boys...with a twist. Q's comments will be in these little thingy's ~*--*~, k?

Mr. Chubs

Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter ~*LOL! Gene...Actually, if you squint your eyes, he looks like a Gene*~

Millenium Element: Water ~*Oh and I would drink him like, glass of water, yeah that's it!*~

Birthdate: January 28, 1980 ~*OMG, in 2001 he'll be able to legally drink! Our little Nicky is growing up!*~

Hair: Blonde ~*He was the one that started that dumb blonde reputation! Damnit Nick! Thank God, I'm turning into a brunette!*~

Eyes: Blue ~*Damnit! Why do I have an attraction to guys with blue eyes?!*~

Height: 6' 2" ~*Dayum boy! You sure are tall! Just perfect for me*~

Pets: Dogs named Mikey, Willy...~*Aw screw it! He is one of those people that can't count so he buys way to many animals. Whatever happened to Boo Boo the terrier and Pinky the cat, anyways?*~

Ideal Lady: She has to like auquatic activities to keep up with Nick's passion for the beach- and, oh yeah, it wouldn't hurt if she knew her way around an arcade ~*Know my way 'round an well, if you gave me a map I could. But the aquatic thing I could do with my eyes shut. I'm a Picses for a reason you know!*~

Mr. Cheeks

Full Name: Brian Thomas Littrell ~*Brian Thomas Littrell, makes good hush puppies. Speaking of hush puppies I'm in the mood for some right now. Where's Brian when you need him?*~

Millenium Element: Air ~*Eh heh heh. I can't make fun of that, because we have the same element*~

Birthdate: February 20, 1975 ~*And his wife is just 6 years older then him! That goes to show all you people that Nick and I do have a chance! : P*~

Hair: Blonde/Brown/Red-Tinged ~*Okay this is getting really freaky. Brian and I are way to much a like. We could be twins! Minus the sex difference, blue eyes, and enormous cheekbones*~

Eyes: Blue ~*Grrrr, another guy with blue eyes. Luckily this one is taken, so I don't have to worry about doing anything drastic*~

Height: 5'8" ~*Ha ha! Only one inch taller then me!*~

Pets: A Chihuahua named Lil Tyk ~*Yeah! I, like totally, love Lil Tyk. He is, like, my favorite Backstreet Boy, because he is, like, so cute!(toses hair over shoulder and picks a wedgie)*~

Ideal Lady: Brian is now married to long time girlfriend Leighanne Wallace ~*Okay, I have nothing against Leighanne, and I actually look up to her a lot as a fellow actress. But if you want to steal Brian away from her...look like Barbie!*~

Mr. Humps

Full Name: Alexander James McLean ~*And you wonder why he changed his name to sound more rebellious?*~

Millenium Element: Sun ~*Huh huh. Firey just like his se- um, hair, when he, uh, dyes it.*~

Birthdate: January 9, 1978 ~*This boys and girls, means that Mr. Humps can drink...legally*~

Hair: Brown ~*Really? I thought it was blue, or was it pink, no it could have been bleach blonde, or was it...*~

Eyes: Brown ~*He has the most beautiful eyes! Why does he hide them behind those freakin' glasses?!*~

Height: 5'9" ~*Mwa ha ha ha ha! Another Backstreet Boy I will be taller then!*~

Pets: Two dogs named Panda and Bear ~*I heard he and Amanda got another dog together.(shrugs)Eh. Nothing really funny about this, except I would just like to say AJ and Amanda make an adorable couple!*~

Ideal Lady: She should be a lot like him ~*Meaning you should like to hump...and hump...and hump...etc*~

Mr. Bush Brows:

Full Name: Kevin Scott Richardson ~*Okay, I like the name, except his last name is Bush Brows damnit!*~

Millenium Element: Steel ~*Is that what they're calling chests now a days?*~

Birthdate: October 3, 1972 ~*I heard somewhere else that it was '71...either way he's old*~

Hair: Black ~*Which hair...I think we all have black hair...somewhere*~

Eyes: Green ~*Beautiful, beautiful green...(drools)*~

Height: 6' 1" ~*I heard somwhere that you can tell a mans *ahem* size by his hieght. Oh, poor Howie*~

Pets: A black cat named Quincy ~*(snort)Qincy? LMAO! Must've borrowed some of JC's crack to think of that*~

Ideal Lady: She should be able to...~*Aw, screw it! He's married now! It's not like I would steal him from her...or would I?*~

Mr. Winks

Full Name: Howard Dwaine Dorough ~*Dwaine?? Dwaine?? LMAO!! LMFAO!! And I thought I was left at the bottom of the middle name pile!!*~

Millenium Element: Fire ~*'Cause he is the Latin Lover!*~

Birthdate: August 22, 1973 ~*Better tell Kevvy Kev to watch out 'cause Mr. Winks is catching up with him!*~

Hair: Black ~*I'm not going to turn this into anything gross since it's Howie. Except that when his hair is down [like in I Want It That Way in the For the Fans video] he looks like a homeless gay man*~

Eyes: Brown ~*Nothing to make fun of here because I like Howie's eyes. Except for that annoying winking one he has*~

Height: 5'6" ~*Whoo hoo! One down 4 more to go. Well, make that two, because I highly doubt I will ever be taller then Nick and Kevin*~

Pets: A cat named Missy ~*Nothing wrong with that. My sister-in-law's name is Missy. But actually...why would a guy name their CAT Missy?*~

Ideal Lady: She has to be a good...~*Okay, I stopped that, because no one wants to be Howie's "Ideal Lady." Except for his girlfriend Claudia...and that just show's she can put up with a lot*~