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Candid Camera

Here are the dorks- I mean boys, caught on candid camera, being their usual dorky selves!


Nick: Just smile and nod, smile and nod.

Brian: Here Leighanne, I hope this isn't too much material for your shirt.

AJ: She said she was one ever listens to me!

Kevin: Now AJ you go stand in that corner and think about the underage girl you possibly impreganted.

Howie: I hope Kevin doesn't find out that she's already had two of my children. I mean, they don't call me the Latin Lover for no reason!

*blank stare*


Kevin:*gritting teeth* Must... not... hurt... mentally... handicaped.

He can make his eyes really wide.

Nick: AAAAAAAHHH!!! Lance is naked!

Brian: And I thought I was small.

*V smacks Q in the back of the head for that ..uh.."joke"*


Nick: And so then I did this to Shamu...

Howie: *makes noises eerily similar to that of a beached whale*

Camera men sure do go to the extremes.

AJ: Hey Rok! Can I borrow some toilet paper?

I swear, Aaron really is Nick's Mini Me!

Nick: I shall call him...Mini Me.


AJ: So then Mandy bitch slapped Nick like this- *slaps hands together* Damn man, it was the most entertaining thing I have ever seen!

Random Guy: Who the hell am I, and how did I get here?

Brian: I am the Pokemon master!!!

Kevin: He's... mah... cousin... known... him... all... mah... life.

More Candid Camera moments to come!