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Exclusive Interview

Q sits down with the Boys

Q: Hello guys! *cheeky smile*

Backstreet Boys: Hi, we're the Backstreet Boys!

Q:*smile drops* Yes, I know.

Brian:*cheeky grin*

Q:*averts gaze from Brian* So, how are you guys doin'?

Howie: How we do- *stunned expression from hearing some one already ask his usual question*


Q: So he really laughs like that?

Kevin: Yeah...... he...... really...... wanted...... to...... do....... it...... in...... a...... song...... so-

Q:*smacks Kevin* Can't you speak any damn faster?

Brian:*covers ears* Don't swear!

Q:*stops smacking Kevin* But you said you swore in the Rolling Stone article! I just said something from the Bible, you retard!

Brian:*is at a loss for words realizing she was right*

Q:*annoyed look* Okay, now Brian and Howie both aren't talking. Hmmmmmm. *turns to Nick who is eating a twinkie* So, Nick, do you like sex?

Nick:*looking up with a moutful of twinkie* whes?

Q:*odd look* What?

Nick: Ah! *twinkie crumbs fall out of his mouth* Ah, uv whes!

Q:*looks at the other four* Does anyone speak twinkie?

Kevin: Brian's...... the...... only...... one...... that...... can...... sp-

Q: Damnit speak faster!!!

AJ:*pelvic thrust* Brian's the only one that can speak twinkie. *floor hump* Because he hangs out with Nick all the time. *rips shirt off* But, as you can see, he's not really talking right now. *chair hump*

Q: Damn! *glares at Brian, who is just sitting there with his mouth open and a glazed look over his eyes*

Nick:*swallows* I love sex!!!

Q:*excited smile appears* Yeay! Finally someone that responds normally. Like, without some perverted, sexual motion, or speaking slow!

Nick:*blank smile*

Q:*excitment quickly dissapears* You don't know what I'm talking about do you?

Nick:*smiles and nods*

Q: You dumbass! You can't use that on me! I was, like, the maker of that! *smacks Nick upside up the head*

Nick:*ignoring the smack, pulls out yet another twinkie and begins to eat*

Q:*sighs* This is hopeless! *looks over at the brain dead Howie and Brian, see's AJ still humping the chair, Nick eating his twinkie, and Kevin just sitting there staring at her waiting for the next question* I'm out of here. *opens door but is knocked over by V falling on her holding a cup to her ear*

V:*sheepish grin* I, uh, was-

AJ:*stops humping chair after seeing V* Pretty lady! *runs, grabs V, and they dissapear into a nearby janitors closet*

Q:*sighs and stares into a random area of space acting as if it's a camera* Well, as you can see my interview with the Backstreet Boys went as smoothe as expected. See you same time, same place, only on, uh, er, um, here? *walks away to cheesy 80's music, while the "screen" fades into black*

Wouldn't they all know not to give Nick coffee?

Humor me here. I had to use a pic from the Early Show because right when I was about to take a picture, Howie got in the way and broke my camera. *glares at Howie*

Mad propz to Lauran on giving me the idea for the cheesy 80's theme stuff!!!