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Towel Pictures

The reason this section is called Towel Pictures, is because you will need a towel to wipe up all your drool that's left once you're done looking at these pics.

This pic, makes my inner teeny imerge!

You have got to admit, this picture of Nick has major drool factor to it! He looks so mature, yet so boyish! OMG! *squeels with delight* Oh I better stop now, before I pull an AJ and begin humping the computer screen.

A rare pic of him smiling!

Kevin looks absoulutely adorable when he smiles! Just look at that pic, how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Sorry, my inner teeny came out, yet again.

Two hotties...*sigh*

If it's not Nick, it's Aaron. They are both waaaay too cute for their own good. And now look what they've gone and done... *stares longinly at picture*

Oh, my God V, look at his butt...

Ladies and Gentlemen... the finest of all the Backstreet Butts!!! NICK'S!!! *Q is the only one heard truly praising the almighty butt. An ocassional woo, it heard from V*

OMFG *passes out*

Ok, you cannot look at this pic and say none of them look good. Howie maybe pullin' a pigeon look in that, but he still looks damn fine. Look at AJ though! *hyperventillates and passes out*

Do me now AJ!

*sings* Heaven, must be missing an angel. *stops when she see's people are staring at her* Well, look at him! He looks like an angel!

Dayum, boy!

AJ looks like a little boy with the way he's holding the mic. But in his wife beater he looks like a man! Ahhhh! Oh the confusion, and sexual frustration AJ is giving me right now!

Ooh, me so horny, ooh me so horny!

Are rare pic of Nick with his shirt off! And all I have to say is: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *passes out*

Damn them!!!! Why must they do this to me?

Is it just me or does Aaron look smaller then the last time we saw him? ::shrug:: I dunno, prolly never will either.

That is very drool worthy!

Ok, this is like the only hot picture of Brian out there. I mean he's cute and all... just not sexy. He's too cheesy and boyish looking. I love him anyway though. But this one... omg... now that's what I call SEXY!!!

Lookin' good...

Howie looks reeeeeally cute right here. It's this kinda pic that makes me proud to be a Backstreet Fan. I mean, Howie's just so happy! He loves what he does! Now that my friends, is sexy.

Dey just be some cutie patooties!

Dude, they are all too cute!!! *eyes Nick* Nice poncho look you've got goin' on. *chuckles and shakes head*

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