Well good news! We've decided we're going to turn Pop Stars Inc. into a weekly (around there, lol) newsletter. Keeping a site was really hard to keep up, especially since V has moved and is really busy in her new town, and Q is just... busy... lol. But the newsletter will be similar to what we put on the site, just a lot easier for both of us to work on. We hope you guys really understand about this. We really want to give props to other humor site webmasters that keep things like this up. Don't worry though, we'll be keeping up the actual site, just not updating. We understand it's fun yo go back and look.

If you're new here, join the mailing list and get funny PSI newsletters! This is the main page, go and check it out! We'd really like to apologize to fans of the site, especially those who were going to be in PSiland, but who knows, we may update it in the newsletter! Lol. We'd also like to thank all the other humor site webmasters who have helped us along the way. Crap, we better end this before it gets to out of hand! Quick! To the main page!

Much Love,

~V n' Q~