The Slumber Party

The Chaos Insues

Q:*knocks timidly on the door to the bright pink mansion*

Mandy:*opens the door and gives Q an overly cheerful hug* Like, hi Q! I was hoping you were going to come! You didn't RSVP!

Q:*muttering under her breath* My mom made me come.

Mandy:*not hearing Q* Come in! Britney's been here for a couple of hours now.

Q: Oh, joy. *pops one of her "Counter Acting Pop Staritis Pills"*

Mandy: This is going to be so much fun! We'll do makeovers, paint our toenails, play truth or dare, and have some girl talk!

Q: Oh, joy. *Mandy leads her into the living room where Britney is eating a low fat marmellow*

Britney: Like, hey Q!

Q: Um, yeah... I think I'm going to go to the bathroom. I'll be back, um, in a little bit.

Britney & Mandy: Like, ok!

Q: Oh good God.

*doorbell rings*

Mandy:*squeals and jumps up spilling pink nail polish on the same shade rug* Like, I'll get it! *obnoxious hair flip* *answers door*

V:*is shoved inside by Christina* Ugh, she made me come.

Christina: I didn't want to go through this torture alone.

V: Then why did you come???

Christina: So I could use something against Britney. *pulls out a camera*

V: Riiiight.

Q:*comes out of the bathroom* Thank God you're here... *trails off when she spots Christina* I meant V, not you.

Christina: The feeling is mutual.

*doorbell rings*

Everyone: Who's that?

Mandy:*shrugs* I don't know, I only, like, invite you guys. *purses lips*

*door opens and everyone watches in atticipation*

Dream:*walks through the door* Hi, we're the girls of Dream! *coordinated hair flip*

Mandy:*flips hair in response*

Britney:*flips hair*

V, Q, & Christina:*all sneak out of the house*

Q: Want to go find some cool people? *they all nod and walk away from the now glowing pink house*

::inside the house::

Mandy: So, like, let's paint our nails!!!!!!!!

Dream: YEAH!

Britney: YEAH!

Mandy: What colors do you want?

Britney: Pink!

Dream: Pink!

Mandy: Good, 'cause that's all I have! *giggles and crosses her eyes*

Britney: You, like, read our minds! Now, how about we sneak Nsync in here! *Dream and Mandy gasp* What?

Mandy: We, like, can't sneak *crosses eyes* boys in here!

Britney:*puts away her breast enlarger that she was getting out* Why not?

Mandy:*giggles* Because, like, boys aren't allowed in my house! *rolls eyes*

Dream: Plus, our mom's don't want us being around boys without any adult supervision! *all apply lip gloss*

Mandy: Let's watch a movie! *pulls out a pack of DVD's*

Dream: Like, what did you get??

Mandy: Clueless, Bring It On, and Charlie's Angels! *all the girls squeal*

*The narrartor from this point lost track of what was going on. Basically it was just the girls all watching the movies and arguing over who was who. Then they all fell asleep surrounded by low fat snacks. The End, I guess*