It's just... y'know... random crap.

Hey, it's me Q... um... it's, like, 2:30 in the morning on April 5, 2001 one and I really don't feel like going to bed. So instead I made this new little section on the site... yeah... and all you people reading this that are on the update list got to see it first! And all the rest of you... well you got to see it when we updated... whenever that will be! *her little audience of leprechauns nods off*

Ok... so yeah, I'm boring! I'm also very strange when it's this late. *a random cow walks by and begins to change colors* Well, that's strange!!!!!! *random cow crosses eyes and leaves*

I really don't know what to do before I go to bed. I know! I'll tell you guys a story! *the leprechauns clap with delight, and the random cow moo's in the distance* I'm glad you guys like that idea! Now, what to tell a story about? How about, a little bit different version of Goldilocks and the three bears! *everyone giggles in delight* Well, once upon a time...

Nick (Goldilocks):*randomly skipping through the jungle* Off to grandmothers house I go!! *grin*

Q (Narrator): Nick... we're not doing Little Red Riding Hood... we're doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Nick:*slowly understanding it* Ohhhh, ok! *skips off*

Q: So, a little bit later Nick came to a tiny cottage in the woods- ur, Jungle... where a family of bears lived.

Nick:*sniffing the air* I smell... *sniff* PIZZA!!! *knocks down the door and bursts into the house* *glances at the table in front of him with three pizza's on it* Yummmm... *eats the first pizza* *begins to eat the second pizza*

Q: Wait, wait, wait!!! You're supposed to say the first pizza was too hot and that you couldn't eat it!

Nick: It was hot... but, still good.

Q:*sighin in exasperation* Fine, fine, fine... do whatever!

Nick:*ends up eating all the pizza's in one gulp* *rubs his stomach* All that pizza sure made me need to go to the bathroom... *walks into the first bathroom he see's* *he glances around to see that it's all basically cold hard steel* Hmm... *pulls down his pants and sits on the toilet* Brr... too cold.

Lauran & Tanya:*just happening to be passing through the bathroom* Hi Nick... by Nick. *the leave*

Nick:*not even noticing Tanya and Lauran were here* This bathroom is too cold! *leaves and goes to the bathroom next to that one* *he notices everything is pink and smells of potpouri* Ok, too girly! *goes to the bathroom next to that one* *it looks like a regular guy bathroom, a little messy, but a little neat with a stack of porno mags next to the toilet* Just perfect...

::10 minutes later::

Q:*standing outside the door* Come on Nick... you have a story to finish up!

Nick: Just five more minutes...

Q: Alright *annoyed sigh*

::30 minutes later:

Nick:*finally comes out* I'm pretty tired... I think I need to go lie down! *walks into the first bedroom which is bare except for one lamp on a nightstand next to a thin bed* Um... how about no? *walks into the next bedroom that looks like a teeny boppers bedroom* *posters of Backstreet and Nsync are all over and the room is pink with a neat organized closet and drawers* No way am I sleeping in here... *walks to the next room which looks like a regular guys room* *there's a lingering smell of stale pizza and dirty clothes, and the flannel sheets on the bed are strewn about* *on the ceiling there are Playboy centerfolds sloppily taped up* JUST PERFECT! *crawls on to the bed and falls asleep*

Q: As will I know... *falls asleep* *wakes up* I'll finish this story later, don't worry* *falls back asleep*


So what... Q has problems! Don't we all? *someone coughs* *a baby cries* Ok, so she's a freak all on her own! But that doesn't mean we don't love her, right? *a cricket chirps* *a tumble weed rolls by* Ah, screw it!