Q's B-day Present

This is also a gift to you PSI fans.

V:*lets go of Q by accident and turns to the two fans that are following close behind* We're here!

Q:*walks into another wall* Ow, God damnit, V!

V: Oops, sorry... You want your present now?

Q:*not looking at V* Yeah!

V:*doesn't bother to turn Q around and goes to get the present* Hold on a second! *runs into closet and returns with a rather large box*

Fan #1: Hey, this is like what Bathroom Wall did! You guys suck! *leaves*

Q:*whimpers* V, what's going on?

V: Just ignore them... now you ready? *takes off Q's blindfold*

Q:*gasps in surprise* What is it?

V: Open it and find out...

Q:*begins to tediously un-wrap the large box*

Fan #2:*edges closer*

Q:*throws of paper and opens the box* *loud music blares out of random speakers and balloons come out of the box revealing...*

V: Introducing... B!

Q: Wow! What does she do?

B: I'm funny! I'm now working part time for Pop Stars Inc. *offers a grin*

Q: REALLY?! *squeals in excitement*

V & B: Happy Birthday Q!

Q:*hugs V & B* Aw, thanks you guys! *cheesy grin* This is the best birthday ever! *random audience aw's*

V: So PSI fans... welcome B, a new member of the PSI Team!


PSI Fans: Welcome B, and happy birthday Q!