Psycho Pugs

We discuss our problems...

V: shooby doo wop sha bop

Q: wtf?

V: u better shape up...cuz I neeed a ...laaaance....

Q: and I need... NICK!

V: hermish....nicky bum

Q: hee hee

V: I want a noodle

Q: what kind?

V: I only have macaronie, I want a spagetthi noodle


V: *marches around the room chanting*

Q: *sits on bed watching with mild interest*

V: *gets in your face* MUST HAVE JUICE! do u understand?

Q: *backs up and falls off bed* eep

V: do u have the juice?

V: where *voice rises* IS the juice?

Q: *looks around confused* uh... over there? *points cautiously*

V: NOOO, that's the MILK *flicks u in the head* doom aaaaaaaass

Q: *flinches in pain* eep... well, fine... if you're going to be like that...

V: ....*grunts* must find the juice

Q: I won't tell you were the Juice OR lance is *smug grin*

V: hmmmffffffff

V: fine then*climbs on top of you tv and um....finds your fav nick poster* ...I'll just be taking THIS *snatches poster* as my hostage! AH HAH

Q: *shrugs and puts up one of her many duplicates of it*

V: herm!!!!!!

V: don't say it

V: fine then *looks around in an attempt to find something clever to steal* um.....What about this howie poster? *poster flops down* ok...nevermind

V: FINE THEN, the juice will be found through other sources

Q: *raises a tired eyebrow* really now?

V: yep

Q: tell me more...

V: about the juice?

Q: about your... "plans"

V: my plans huh?

Q: yup

V: well, if I told you my plans....then what's the point of making them?

Q: *shrug*

Q: dude...


Q: did you get the HTML for our banner that nay made?

V: if I was that cow...I would just dance away

V: not yet

Q: because April has it up... but it don't link



Q: lol



Q: ok

Q: whatcha doin?

V: talkin to liz

Q: koppa?

V: yeppers

V: I still wawnt that juice *glare*

V: wawnt

Q: what kind of juice is it?


Q: wow, lol

V: it's SOO yummi

Q: I should really get sleep... but I can't...

V: but it is also SO downstairs, and therefore SO far away

Q: lol

V: aw...sleep little Q

V: wait wouldn't that be ....

V: q

Q: I can't...

V: why?

Q: because of my "problems"

V: uh oh

Q: wha?

Q: *randomly dances around*

V: the demons?

V: *does a jig*

Q: maaaaaaybe *grins*

Q: maybe not

Q: poopy

V: *sings an irish folksong*

Q: poopy squat

V: squat?

V: hmmm *evil grin* that could be funny

V: ew, I just realized that sounds wrong

V: but anyways

V: back to my irish folk song

Q: what? where did that come from?

Q: you know what... we're saving this convo..

V: "once I was awalking down the street and I saw a leprachon...."

Q: 'cause it's DAMN funny... *screams out damn in a high screechy voice*

V: this is my irish folk me make the lyrics



Q: eeep

V: eeep eeep eeeep

V: JC- "aren't we kinky today!"

V: everytime I mess up that's what it says

Q: *clucks like a chicken and Nick gives her a hungry look*

V: ew

Q: ew ew ew

V: ...I thought u were a cow

Q: Nick wants to eat me!

Q: *i really bad scottish accent* 'cause I look like a baybe

Q: *wierd smile*


Q: *randomly runs off flailing arms and shouting odd comments*

V: *puts on a policemans hat and grabs one of those sticks they use to hit people with...yeah* break it up you guys ! cmon now


Q: the lap top almost fell off my lap...

Q: so I quickly grabbed it...

V: *blows whistle* ok folks nothing to see here...nothing to see*

Q: and snorted


Q: yes *sighs and hangs head*

V: hmmmmmmmmffffffffff

V: must sleep now though, but know I love ya

V: you*

Q: noo you can't... just a little longer!

V: somewhere in there

Q: just hang on...

V: okee doke

V: only a lil

Q: do it for the little people *points to Chris, Howie, and Brian* look at them...

Q: they need you! *Chris bites Brian*

V: so...*suddenly a phsyciatry chair and a notebook fly into the room* what's going on it your life?

V: mmhhhmm *doodles in her notebook* yes, right, uh huh

Q: *brian starts beating Chris with his bible, Howie sits there winking, while Q looks on and sobs* I can't deal with them! look at them!

Q: *Brian continues to beat Chris* *howie winks*

Q: *sob*

V: *continues doodling* hmmm, I think these emotional problems are because of a poor relationship with your father...yea (u know how that's ALWAYS their answer....the father thign)

V: *shows you her doodle of lance* ain't he cute?

V: *gushes over her doodle* Yes lance, I WILL marry you *starts making out with doodle*

V: you didn't see that

V: talking to myself is fun too

Q: *eyes the doodle warily* *Chris steals it and begins to visciously gnaw on it* *Brian prays* *Howie winks* *Busta has somehow wandered on in and is raising his leg to the potted fake fern in the corner*

V: damnit, that's MY lance...*snatches it from chris*


Q: *Q watches as Busta barks and her eyes widen in fear* Uh oh.......

V: *ets childish and possesive* MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!! MINE MINE MINE!

Q: *distant thundering is heard*

V: yo busta back off man! *busta starts humping V's leg* DAMNIT

Q: *soon the door is knocked down and Nick's herd of pugs has come barreling in*

V: my new pants too....whatta shame

Q: *they all begin to cheerily pee on the rug and different objects around the room*

V: oh shit *V and Q's eyes widen with fear*

Q: *Q tries to run for her life but is hit by a stray Bible being chucked by Brian in his defense from the pugs*

V: ok, I made this phsyciatry set *slams hand on the table*'s MINE! get them damn pugs outta here

V: *snatches the bibles from brian and wiggles finger at him* ah ah ah, no more bibles for you...if you're just going to be throwing them around!

Q: *Q twitches unconscious on the floor* *two pugs have already pee'd on her and two more were currently in the proess*

V: *pushes the pug off Q* u ok butteR?

Q: *twitch*

V: BUTTER *slaps you in the face*

Q: *Nick comes bounding in happily munching on a twinkie* HEY GUYS WHAT'S UP?

Q: *notices all his pugs* what are you doing here?

Q: Go home!

Q: *the pugs immediately leave*

V: *gets up in nick's face* is THIS *points at pee and dicreppid people on the floor* YOUR *points at nick* fault?

V: !!

Q: *Q is finally visible on the once pug covered floor*

Q: *Nick sniffs and nods*

V: look at what you've done to Q...LOOOK!

Q: *Q twithces*

V: it's kinda like sleeping beauty nick, u gotta kiss her to wake her up get it? *nick nods head*

Q: *Nick leans down and kisses Q awkwardly (kinda like a little boy and his first kiss)*

V: omg, that was cute *points and giggles*

Q: *Q opens eyes and see's Nick looking at her with twinkie frosting on his mouth*

Q: *Q mumbles something and gets up with only a little help from Nick*

Q: I smell... and am covered with... pug pee

V: soo, NICK I expect you'll be cleaning up all of THIS now *hands nick a mop and some disifectant*


Q: *Nick whines* I dun waaaaaaaannnaaaaa!

V: *grabs nick by the ear* now listen here young man...

Q: *throws down the stuff and crosses his arms in front of him in a pout*

V: you MADE this mess....and YOU will clean it up

Q: *Nick looks at her with puppy eyes*

Q: *Q watches on amused*

V: damnit man....DAMN IT...stop with the puppy dog eyes * tries to sheild her own eyes*

Q: *Nick makes them bigger* no?

V: *hands mop to Q* you do it

Q: What what what

Q: ?!

Q: I don't think so...


Q: *shoves it back to V* this ain't my office...

Q: *quickly runs out*

V: *now both nick and V are yelling at Q to get to work* cmon now

V: damnit

Q: *Nick on her heeels*

Q: *Brian, Howie and Chris flee too*

V: she got away *looks at nick* ok, *careful to avoid the puppy dog eyes* NOW you HAVE to do it...*shoves mop at nick and runs off*

V: damnit

Q: *mop clatters to the floor*

V: U ALL SUCK *screams down the hall they ran off down*

Q: *a quiet, distant, "no we don't," can be heard*

V: *starts cleaning the peutrid pug piss singing a cinderella song*

Q: The End

V: lol

V: true true

V: well, now it's time to sleep, fer sure