Prank Calls

Yes, we have the ability to get any pop stars phone number. And we use it to our humorous advatage. Here is the first person we prank called; Brian Littrell of BSB.

*ring ring*

Brian: Hello?

Q: Hello, sir. Is your refrigorator running?

Brian: Well, um, lemme go check...*shouting away from phone* Hey, Leighanne! Is the refrigorator running? *a womans voice can be heard, seconds later Brian returns to the phone* Yeah! It is!

Q: Well then you better go catch it!

Brian: Why?

Q: Well, um, like, uh, it's running away from you.

Brian: Why would it be running?

Q: Uh...*the phone can be heard shuffling around*

V: Because it's possessed damn it!

Brian: Oh, not again! Leighanne, call the exorcist! It's number two on my cell phones speed dial...hurry!


Um... well as you can see, Brian is extremely religious. Well we decided to call Christina *shudder* next. Thanks for SugaCube45, for telling us who we should call.

*ring ring*

Christina: *yelling* Listen, Kid Freaky! I'm not Britney, Mandy, or Jessica! So leave me the hell alone!

V: Hi, operator. Uh, can I get the number for the White House?

Christina: What the hell? I'm not the freakin' operator!

V: So just give me the number. Bill said there was a new interning job there.

Christina: What? Why didn't my agent tell me? I said that if an interning job there ever came up, to tell me right away! Well I got to go fire him and get that prosti- uh, interning job there right now!


V: *staring at the phone* Um, I always knew she was a little...

Well, Christina has verified she'll do anything for the nookie *snort snort* The next call was done by our friend Lucy, but we wanted to listen in.

*ring ring* *ring ring* *ring ring* *Nick finally finds the phone and picks it up*

Nick: Hello?


Nick: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! *drops the phone, picks it back up, but then drops it again. It is finally found 20 minutes later* Hello? Are you still there?

Q: *breaths heavily*

V: *smacks Q on back of the head*

Lucy: *sighs* Yes, I'm still here. But in order for you to win one million dollars, you must answer one simple question.

Nick: Ok, is it about video games?

Q: *snickers*

Lucy: *reaches through phone and smacks Q on the back of the head, then continues with the conversation* No, Nick, it is not about video games.

Nick: *sighs in dissapointment* Ok, what is it?

Lucy: Is Norway in Sweeden?

Nick: Uh, well maybe. Hmmm, let me think. So I resign in Florida, which I guess is the fact that Sweeden and Norway are the same place so... YES!!!

Lucy: No, sorry you have not won one million dollars.


Lucy: I'm sorry, but since this phone bill is going to be so big, you have to pay me one million dollars instead!

Nick: No I don't... wait a minute. Don't I know you?

Lucy: Yeah, you do, but you still have to pay me.


Nick: This is the worst phone I ever had.

Q: Nick, Nick, I love you! I'll pay you a million dollars if you- *V hangs up her and Q's end of the phone*

Lucy seems to be a master of the prank calls. Q almost blew it a couple of times. We'll make sure we fix that next time!

Well, John told us to prank Britney next so we will. Both V and Q aren't sure how this will turn out and we're ready to hang up because Q may become very confused talking to her alter-ego. Caution: Do not attempt this at home, we are both trained humor prefessionals.

*ring* *ring*

Britney: Like, hello? *gum smack and hair twirl*

Q: Like, hello? *gum smack and hair twirl*

V: Oh, shit.

Britney: Like, who are you? *ditzy giggle*

Q: Like, who are you? *ditzy giggle*

V:*quickly hangs up*

Well we're going to try again later and have V do the talking first. We were both freaked that something like that would happen to Q.

Now, Devorah wants us to call Carson Daly since she says she has Alter-Carsonitis, never heard of it, but it sounds deadly. We're still trying to find his home phone number but we have the one at TRL since he sometimes answers the phone for requests. Now, see, we have to use the phone at school because we're in school when they air TRL live *glare*

Q:*dials zero*

David Arquette:*appearing out of nowhere* Don't dial zero! Dial 1-800-C-A-L-L-A-T-T, it saves you-

Q:*punches David out of the way and dials 1-800-Collect* Hi, is the Carson Daly?

Carson: Yeah, what song would you like played?

Q: Song? What are you talking about man? Anyways... I want a large cheese pizza delivered to Dos Pueblos, room B9, right away please.

Carson: What? No, what song do you want, we don't deliver pizza!

Q: What??? You don't deliver? Well you have to be wrong, 'cause your add here says you deliver.

Carson: What add? We don't have an add!

Q: Look son, can I talk to your manager please?

Carson: What are you talking about? You're screwed up dude.

Q: Son! You shouldn't be talking to your customers that way... let me talk to your manager right now, I think he should fire you.

Carson: Look, this is TRL!!! We aren't a pizza place, we're a music show.

Q: Yeah, TRL... The Really Large, there's Pizza Place at the end of that, but you know no one ever calls it that.

Carson: Look, dude your screwed up... We're a TV show!!!

Q: Whatever... I'll call back later and talk to your manger about you. You really shouldn't be working here. *hangs up*

Carson:*looks at phone with a perplexed look on his face* Whatever...

VnQ: *burst out laughing and all the people around the phone give them wierd looks*

Well, that went well. Q actually did a prank call correctly without screwing it up! *the world rejoices*

Prank Calls... Continued