Prank Calls... Continued

*V n' Q are surrounded by a large group of people shouting prank call requests at them* Ok, who wants Justin Timberlake to be called? *Lauren and boo raise their hands* Ok, we'll prank call Justin first...

*ring ring*

Britney: Hello?

V:*gives wierd look at the phone* Britney?!

Britnay: Like, yah?

V: Why are you answering Justin's phone?

Britney: Like, uh... um... *quickly shoves the phone at Justin*

Justin: Yo!

V:*snickering* WASSAAAH?!

Justin:*nods and smiles* WASSAAAH?!

Q:*picks up other line* WASSAAAH?!

Justin:*rubs thumb across nose* So, yeah, you gonna do it tonight?

V: Uh, what?

Justin: Dawg, don't be playin' wit me here! You gotta kill her off tanight!

V: Who?

Justin: Yo, this ain't funny... all mah money is almost gone 'cause of this bitch. *glares at Britney who is looking through a fashion magazine and reading his credit card to the person on the other end of the phone*

V: Britney?

Justin: Who else?

V: Um, I don't know, Lance?

Justin: Yo, dats not coo. Don't be raggin' on Poof!

V: Ok, we'll, uh, kill her off tonight.

Justin: Good, I'll get you da money tomorrow.

V: Aite. *quickly hangs up phone when she realizes Justin's ebonics rubbed off on her*

Ok, well... Justin doesn't really like Britney. *AshleyAngel4639 comes forward and requests Mandy Moore be prank called* Ok, it's who you want, it's who you got!

*ring ring*

Mandy:*skips over to the phone* Like, hello? *ditzy giggle*

Q:*makes voice deeper* Mandy... it's Jerome.

Mandy:*squeals in delight* Jerome, as in JC's crack dealer?

Q: Yes...

Mandy:*screams like a teeny bopper* Oh my God! You're like my idol! *gasps and puts hand to chest* And you're like calling me?! *screams again*

Q: Well I just want to tell you-

Mandy: You, like, want to tell me something?! I'm like totally listening!

Q: Ok, you need to-

Mandy: Wait! *pulls out tape recorder and begins to tape the conversation* Ok...

Q:*sighs in exasperation* Stay away from my business...

Mandy: What? *purses lips in confusion*

Q:*yelling* DON'T SELL ANY DRUGS TO JC GOT IT?! You sell him any drugs and I will hunt you down and kill you. He is putting my kids through college.

Mandy:*giggles* You got it Jerome! But wait, like, he's putting me through leaching off other celebrities!

Q:*breaking out of voice* WHAT?!

Mandy:*rolls eyes* With all the money I get from him, I can, like afford to stalk other celebrities.

Q:*gets back into voice* Sell it to AJ... but JC, he's mine! *hangs up*

Mandy: Like, ok. I love you Jerome! Marry me! We can teach our kids about drug dealing. And we'll live in...

Well, Mandy I guess is a pretty good drug dealer if she can take away Jerome's busisness. Who to prank call next?...

Sorry Nick

Tell us who to prank call next.