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Yes...it's time to express our theories, and things that confuse, Q.

Okay, if you don't know what a theory section is on a humor site, please step away from the computer before you hurt yourself. Q, is also going to have a list of things that confuse her...which isn't very hard, mind you.

Theory #...

1.) Christina Aguilera is stalking Q. V and Q were trying to open their e-mail account the other day when a Christina pop up came on and scared the shit out of both of them! Everywhere Q seems to be a Christina song is playing, Christina merchandise is being put up, posters and music video's galore! But when Q isn't around, Christina seems to have never existed at all.

2.) Kevin is training Howie not to let Nick talk. We all know that Kevin doesn't like Nick to talk, and now Howie is being taught. On a recent clip, Nick interrupts Howie and Kevin gives Howie this look as to say, "You can fight him, Howard. Use the force."

3.) Justin is going to do the reverse Michael Jackson, by going black. He's actually pretty much there, all he needs to do is the skin change. But he has to wait for *N Sync to fall out first, then his plan can come into action.

4.) Mandy Moore is trying to be the next Britney Spears. It was obvious when she first came, with her whole look and attitude. But now she's trying to be linked to the BSB the way Britney is linked to Nsync. Her website is a lot like Britney's and BSB's combined. Get your own identity!!!

5.) Christina uses Britney. Christina got her own implants a little after Britney Spears. She waited while the media was to busy with Britney, to notice her sudden chest enlargement. Same goes with the clothing. People go to worked up over Britney to even care if Christina prances around naked. Well it's not gonna last much longer Christina, because we're on to you!

6.) Howie is the lost Umpa Lumpa. Hey, the hight problem... the hair... you get what we're saying?

7.) Nick and Joey are long lost twins. Both were born on January 28th, they both have adorable chub, a thing for eating, cute grins, an obsession for the drums. The list goes on and on, and new things are added every day.

Things that Confuse, Q:

~Kevin's skirt that he wore during Men Strike Back
~Justin's obsession with his tounge
~Why everybody says that Britney is a really racy dresser, and Christina isn't. But if you think about it, Christina makes Britney look like a nun
~That damn 'Hey Vern' guy
~Nick's obsession with getting his face right in the camera.

Coming soon:
*Pictures that prove our theories
*Pictures that confuse, Q