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Pop Stars Inc.
*B's Interview

Q interviews B... this should be rather interesting.

B: WHUZZZZZUP!?!?!??!?

Q:*looks over her shoulder* Chad, pick up the cordless

B:*raising eyebrow* Who's Chad???

Q:*averts gaze* no one

B: Who's Chad?

Q: No one... let's get on to that interview I was talking about! *reaches into closet to grab a suit* *grabs a cat suit* Oops... *shoves it back in her closet*

B:*laughs* Oops I did it again?

Q:*looks at pj's she's in* I think these will do...

B: By the way.... I will get who Chad is... no one can resist the Howie Wink Torcher.

Q:*gasps and fumbles with note pad*

*grabs hat and puts it one backwards* Ok...ready for the interview

Q:*looks at questions* Alright, um, are you excited to be working at Pop Stars Inc.?

B: Yes. Most definetly. *giggles* It's like always been a dream of mine to work with girls who are like...soooo funny. *smacks gum* *blinks a few times* Ooops... watched Britney today... err... but... yeah... it's like cool, y'know?

Q: Uh.... yeah. *writes something down* Ok, who is your favorite pop star?

B:*leans over to read note pad* Watcha puttin down???

Q:*pulls notebook back* can't see!

B: Pop star??? Hmmm... tough question. It would have to be *N Sync though. Definetly. I've loved those guys... for....geez... three years now? My sister wanted concert tickets for her birthday... so I got them... but told her she couldn't go without me. So My mom, me and my sis drove to Oakland... and saw the concert

Q: How clever... *writes something down*

B: Crappy seats... but... OMG!! The chair dance... YUMMY!!! I was hooked after that! Actually... before the concert... I really didn't like *N Sync... I thought the music was ok... but they were cheesy... then I went to a concert...

Q: Concerts will do that to you... I'm a bigger fan of Nsync after their concert.

B: And found out that they were AWESOME musically... they can dance their ass's off... but... they are still cheesy.

Q: So, why did you want to join PSI?

B: Hmmm... that's a good one... I guess because you gals just have the funniest sense of humor... and there's not too many people out there like that anymore.

Q: Yeah, I know......... *giggle*

B: Plus... I've been co-writing fan-fics... and all of them are humorous... but it's kinda cool just to be able to have free reign on stuff, to let whatever you say come out.

Q: Yes yes...

B: My freind Holly and I "play" with the boys all the time 'specially when it comes to pudding.

Q: *disgusted look* Well, uh, if you could go to a twinkie factory with any pop star, who would it be?

B: Joey. Most Definety Joey. Or... maybe Christina. Then I could shove her into a vat of cream filling and she would have to eat her way out... so maybe then she wouldn't be so damn skinny.

Q:*laughs evilly and writes something down* What a good idea

B: Why thank you. I do try.

Q: Would you ever audition for that damn show Pop Stars *eye twitch*

B: HELL NO! Reminds me of another Lou thingy...*shivers* O-Town... ewwww...

Q: EWWW!!!

B: If I wanted to be on TV I would just stalk real pop stars... eerrr... I mean... uhh...

Q:*screams and covers ears* *cries* O-Town *sob*

B: It's ok... they're not here... it's alright.

Q:*wipes nose on sleeve*

B: If they show up we'll make Joey and Nick eat them... how's that sound?

Q:*sniff* ok... *sniff* Ok, um, if you could play b-ball against any pop star who would it be?

B: Lance. 'Cause at least then I'd know I could stand a chance.

Q:*laughs* How funny! *cheesy grin*

B: Though... I'd LOVE to watch Justin play. *thinks of his booty bouncing around* Hee hee hee...

Q:*thinks of Nick's butt*

B:*raising eyebrows* Been hanging around Mandy again haven't you?

Q: No...

B:*singing* Nick got a big 'ol butt...

Q: Butt butt!

B: No butts... 'specially not Nick's

Q: Well, I think that's it for our interview... *sticks out hand* thank you...

This was a real interview done over MSN messenger. It has been editted to fit accordinly to this site.