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Pop Stars Inc.

The sad, sad problem among many.

Alter-Popstaritis, even affects our very own Q. She has the more common type known as Alter-Britneyitis. There is no known cure.

A documented pic, will appear here soon.

Hello, my name is Q. I'm here to explain to you about Alter-Popstaritis.

Alter-Popstaritis affects people and animals every year. It sort of like cancer, minus the whole death thing. Alter-Popstaritis is the main term for it all, but there are three different types.

The common Alter-Britneyitis, that affects mainly the brain cells by depleating them to an abnormally low number.

The lethal Alter-Christinaitis, that affects mainly the persons mood by turning them into the devil.

And then the Alter-Boybanditis that affects mainly males, by turning them into pretty, wanna-be gangsta boys.

V and I and know mostly about Alter-Britneyitis, but we think the same applies for all the others. Here are the symptoms to tell if someone you know or love has Alter-Popstaritis:

1.) If a pop song comes on, and you seem to transform into the artist singing the song, you have it. It's basically that popstar is your alter ego.

That is the one sign that you have Alter-Popstaritis. There is no cure. So if you want to help us find a cure, then, uh, sign the guestbook!

Thank you. And remember, you're not alone.