Part Three: The Show

Let the show begin!

V and I went to our seats while my mom and Joe went to the bathroom. I'm glad we didn't wait with them, because right when we got there the lights went out and the screaming went up. Krystal came out and she is sooooo good! I was screaming as best as I could for her, and was singing along with all her songs. Yes, I do know the lyrics...

So, Krystal left, my mom and Joe found us, and V fixed my camera. I hate my camera, I think I let the battery run out though. It broke again right after the second picture was taken! It was really cool and black and blue, I didn't plan it like that though. I'm still pissed though it broke. I almost cried.

Anywho, about 15 mins after Krystal left, the lights went down again. The screaming started up again, and I admit I was screaming too. I won't go into details about what happened, just in case some of you didn't go and are planning on going to the summer tour... so yeah, then the Boy's came out. The screaming was deafening. I admit, that even with my non-existant voice, I contributed to the screaming a lot.

I'll only tell about the highlights of the evening, that can only really happy once, because, as I said before, I don't want to give anything away. The Boy's give one helluva performance. I'm so dead serious. Even though I am a big fan I kinda went there not expecting much dancing, and only a little pyro. Boy was I wrong. Those Boy's can dance their asses off, but leave a lot of the intricate and physical stuff to the dancers, so that way they can let their beautiful voices sing. You do not know how well they can sing until you hear them live.

A little into the concert, V tapped me and pointed to a closed of section of the seats behind the stage. "Should that be happening?" she asked me, and gesturing towards two small flames in the aisle. I didn't think so... "Should I scream fire?" I asked V. I didn't though, because of the fact no one would hear me...

The Boy's would get sooo close to us when they went to the edge of the stage on our side. It was like three or four yards away. But when they would leave, the damn security gaurds would start shoving us back to our seats. I would flip them off. *proud grin*

Then there was the part during Everybody where Howie fell on his ass!!!! I missed it though because I was too busy staring at Nick's butt. You do not know how hypnotyzing that butt is until you see it live! Well, back to Howie on his ass... *chuckle* V saw it, and she told me and I was like, "WHat?! And I missed it?!"

One of the parts I laughed the hardest was during the little video they should of the guys backstage. Every few seconds the teenies would scream and I would have the urge to punch them. But, in the rare time that it was quiet, Kevin tripped and fell over a bench. I started laughing so f'ing hard, and got all these wierd looks. *shrug* It had been happening all night so I didn't really care.

Those are all the highlights that I will give. All in all, the night was THE best! My mom is going to let me try and get tickets for the summer tour, so hopefully I can hit one of those shows. I totally recommed y'all getting tickets! They'll be hard to get, but totally worth it! This was one of the best nights of my life! I'm not giving anymore away, just in case any of you are going to the summer tour!