Part Two: The Day of the Concert

The beginning of the best day of my life.

Dude, where to begin? Ok, let's start in the morning. My mom came into my room, dragged me out of bed- wait, that's not what you wanna hear, let's fast forward to when we got on to the road in our purple (for Howie *wink wink*) PT Cruiser...

So, V and I are sitting in the car for two seconds, popped the B&B CD in, turned to each other and screamed. We were on the way to see the guys that were currently singing on the car stereo... yeah, a little teenyish, but hey, who hasn't been excited for something like that?

Well, after a little bit we kinda got bored so we decided to play a game where one person draws a picture and the other person adds on to it... so we started. I won't go into all the details, but the final product was: Howie getting eaten by a random monster, Kevin being anal, Nick begging for forgiveness, Brian reading the Bible, Tyke barking, AJ humping the floor, Britney being Britney, JC getting high, and Joey eating a twinkie... oh, and in the corner there was a leprechaun in honor of me and St. Patrick's Day.

Well, the rest of the car ride was really boring... we had a little excitement when we stoppped at a rest stop and had a mini adventure to the assortment of vending machines they had there. We contimplated on buying a box of condom's with the dollar my mom gave us, but they cost too much. We got White Cheddar Cheez-It's... ooh, we play on the wild side. *sarcasim hint hint*

After a couple more hours, we finally got to San Diego! We pulled up to the hotel and got our room. Turns out my mom and her boyfriend's room was ready, but mine and V's wasn't. So we dropped our stuff off in my mom's room and went to my grandparents house.

My grandparents loved V, and V couldn't get over how cute they were. Heh heh, yes my grandparents are adorable! But I think she may have been a little frightened about how their house (especially the refrigorator) is basically a shrine to me! Pictures everywhere! What can I say? My grandparents are my biggest fans!

Flash forward to getting back to the hotel. Our room was ready so V and I got there, shut the door, turned to each other, and immediately started jumping on the bed. We couldn't help it, we were only two hours away from seeing the best group in the world and we were hyper! We started jumping back from one bed to the other, but stopped when I almost hit my head on the ceiling.

We spent the rest of the time getting ready. Putting on our outfits, fussing with our hair, and applying our make-up. Finally, we were ready to go. We got my mom and Joe (her boyfriend) and dragged them to the car.

When we got around to the arena area and you could see who was going there and who wasn't we rolled down our windows and started blaring BSB. I guess you had to be there, but it was really cool!!! It was such a fun experience and I still have giggle (yeah, laugh all you want, I said giggles) thinking about it!

So we pulled up to the arena, as we drove by the line of people they all stared. It was cool, but for some reason no one smiled. I mean if I saw a car (I wouldn't care what kind it was) drive by blaring BSB, I would smile. But people kind of just gave us odd looks.

Skip to us in the line. I was really hyper so I was bouncing around dissing Nsync, then singing "Giddy Up." People around us were giving me wierd looks, but I don't really care, I get wierd looks all the time. V pointed to the little girls back pack in front of us, it was Blue from "Blue's Clues!" The little girl was all staring so I said to her, "I love your backpack! I love Blue!" She just got this really frightened expression and moved closer to her dad.

A few minutes later, we were inside. Let the show begin...