She was One of Our Own

I think maybe we all take being a fan for granted. That the Boys will always be around to entertain us, or that we'll always be around to be entertained. Sometimes that just isn't the case.

It's a sad day when a Backstreet fan dies. Sometimes they die from a disease other times, just awful accidents. Some got to see their idols, some didn't. Some of them woke up greatful each day to have had such a great group touch their lives, others didn't.

I hope that they can still hear Backstreet's music in heaven. They probably do since the voices of Backstreet are angels. The thing is, they don't have that bond anymore with BSB. Even if they never saw them live, it was the fact that they were walking on the same earth as BSB meant something different.

It doesn't matter if you've seen BSB in concert or never have. What does matter is that they have touched you with their music, and you're hear to love it. So don't take the music for granted, wake up each day thinking that this may be the last day you'll ever really hear BSB.

I guess, all in all, leave each day to it's fullest. Love life with such a passion, because there are some that wish they could do that, but can't because their life was taken from them. Life is a blessing, don't take it for granted.

Show Me the Meaning

In memory of Aimee Rachelle Labatt.