Nicky's Crackers

Q: Tanya, it's Q on yet another sn

Tanya: *phew* ... i thought it was some horny stalker

Q: seriously?

Q: *starts to strap on cape with the bold letter Q on the back of it*

Tanya: yes! haha ... i was mentally debating over if i should accept the message or not

Q: I'm here to help you find Mervie-Wervie

Tanya: yay!

Tanya: i'm talking on the phone with andy at this very moment, hehe

Q: did you get my e-mail the other day?

Q: evil man!

Tanya: the strange survey?

Tanya: lol

Q: no the one from Klutzduck...

Q: I sent it to Lauran

Q: lemme see if I can find what it said..

Tanya: oh ... don't think so ...

Q: oh here's one...

Q: Tanya and Lauran,

Hey, it's Q. I just wanted to tell you that I should be snow white. YOu do know that you guys are going to be in Pop Stars Island in some way shape or form, I couldn't just leave out my little sisters like that. SO are you going to make me SNow White?

Oh, yeah, if you want... I'll help out with finding Mervious. You know, help write and all that shnazzy stuff. Well, I better be off now, c ya!


Tanya: haha ... sure, you can be snow white

Q: *claps giddly*

Q: I had the perfect idea of how you guys will be on PSiland

Tanya: heh ... heh ...

Q: you wanna hear?

Tanya: surrrree

Q: on your search for Mervie, you will frequently stop by

Q: and you'll constantly be calling me and V asking if we've seen Merv

Q: so yeah, there will be a lot of mentioning you

Tanya: yay! hehe

Tanya: i miss merv ... *sniffle*

Q: *pats you on the back* there there, we'll get him back, don't you worry

Q: let your big sister help ya out

Tanya: *grabs a tissue out of nowhere and honks loudly*

Q: I'll always be there for yo- *cell phone rings*

Tanya: OMG!!

Q: *sheepishly answers it* hello?

Tanya: when i got that im ... my cell phone rang!!!!!

Q: whoa

Q: Hi Nick...

Q: you what?

Q: again?

Q: Sorry Tanya, I'll be back in like an hour, Nick got his hand stuck i the candy machine again

Q: *jumps on random cow and rides off*

Tanya: okay ...

Tanya: cows are cool

Q: ::hour passes by::

Q: *Q returns covered in candy crap and looking really crappy*

Tanya: *pacing back and forth waiting for Q to come back*

Tanya: oh hiiii ... *mumbling* finally ...

Q: GOD DAMN NICK!!!!!!!!!

Q: *starts picking out twinkie filling in her hair*

Q: grrrrrr

Tanya: *nick bounds in, grinning and holding up several twinkies, kit kats, snickers, and various other candies*

Q: *Q glares and mumbles obsceneties under her breath*

Tanya: nick: *still grinning, obviously not knowing the pain Q went through to get his hand out of the candy machine* would YOU like a twinkie, Q?

Q: *Q glares* No, I want a shower!

Q: *starts rambling off in French*

Q: *walks off into a shower that came out of nowhere*

Q: *begins to sing*


Q: tanya: *shakes head in disapproval*

Q: Q: *screaming over the water* I don't care!

Q: *water stops*

Q: *Q comes out wrapped in a towel*

Q: *Glares at Tanya and Nick* do you two mind?

Tanya: tanya: okay ... we'll leave

Q: thank you!

Tanya: *drags nick out of the door*

Tanya: nicki: but ... but ... her twinkie!

Q: ew, Nickolas!

Tanya: tanya: OH DAMN YOU! SHUT UP!

Tanya: nick: *confused face*

Q: *Q sighs and walks into a closet*

Q: *imerges wearing a black cat suit*

Q: Q: Tanya, are you ready to begin?

Tanya: tanya: yes?

Tanya: nick: ooh! where are we going?

Q: Q: *getting hair blown back seductively by a random fan* To find Mervie... even I miss that little rat bastard, sorry Tanya.

Tanya: brian: *pops out* don't be talkin' about tyke that way!

Q: Q: *sighs in exasperation* I wasn't talking about Tyke! *chucks Bible at Brian* Now, go fetch boy!
Brian: *runs off excitedly*

Tanya: tanya: *shakes her head and sighs* let's go, Q *determined, superhero-ish look* off we goooooo!

Q: Q: Wait!!!

Tanya: *remembers that she isn't wearing a superhero costume*

Q: Q: *nods and points towards the closet Nick is trying to open, but the child saftey lock is prohibiting him from doing so*

Tanya: tanya: *pushes nick out of the way, steps in the closet* oof! argh! eeh! *stumbling noises*

Q: Q: *stands outside impatiently*

Tanya: *stumbles out in a snazzy red leather ensemble, clutching a whip*

Q: Q: Uh..... *waves hand toward closet*

Q: Nick: But- *Stops when Q glares at him*

Tanya: tanya: *whispering to nick* we'll save this for later, k? *winks*

Q: Q: *disguested groan*

Tanya: tanya: *walks back into closet, and comes out in one of them charlie's angels outfits* Q, can't i keep the whip?

Q: Q: noooooo... now come on!

Q: *jumps into racy black sports car*

Tanya: tanya: oh fine then *puts down the whip and jumps in the car*

Q: *They speed off like JC and Lance in BYE BYE BYE*

Tanya: *the action-ish, suspenseful music suddenly stops*

Tanya: *Q takes out the cd, blows the dust off it, and puts it back in*

Q: *they speed off again*

Q: *loud banging is heard from the trunk over the music*

Q: *Q pulls over*

Q: *gets out and opens the trunk*

Q: *sees AJ tied up and bound with a note attached to him*

Q: Q: AJ?!??!?!?!

Q: Q: How did you get in here?

Tanya: AJ: mmmph ... mmmph ..

Q: Q: *rips tape off AJ's mouth*

Tanya: AJ: a strange masked man put me in here! that's all i know about ...

Tanya: this ...

Q: Q: yeah

Tanya: AJ: but this has to do with mervious! see? read the note!

Q: Q: *reads note aloud* I have Mervious, you will never see him again... AJ wasn't useful to me... but one of you three Nicky's Crackers are... Signed, Person that stole Mervious.. aka. Andy

Q: Q: Think it was Andy, and who the hell are Nicky's Crackers?

Tanya: tanya: heh ... heh ... us?

Q: Q: Is Lauran the other one?

Tanya: tanya: i think so ... but why crackers?

Tanya: tanya: i dunno, but i sure am giving andy a big ass whoopin' on monday

Q: Q: I dunno, maybe that's what Nick was looking at when he thought up the name

Tanya: tanya: *shrug* probably

Tanya: tanya: wonder if he found them?

Q: Q: found what?

Tanya: tanya: the crackers ... because you know he can get royally pissed if he can't find his food

Q: Q: *looks up innocently with a mouthful of crackers*

Q: Q: You know what?

Tanya: tanya: yes?

Q: Q: You should make the section on finding Mervious called Nicky's Crackers!

Tanya: tanya: yeah! good idea!

Q: Q: Thank You!

Q: Q: You want me to save this convo for you?

Tanya: sure!

Q: ok!

Q: *chirpy grin*

Q: I'll save it after we're done and send it to you...

Tanya: okayyy

Q: you may wanna change the sn's though if you don't use it y'know?

Tanya: yeah ...