More Funny Pics

OMG!!!! *pelvic thrusts*  Dayum!!!! That boy is fine!

Could Nick be the next survivor* booted off the island...

one word...ROGAIN!

...or could it be AJ?

Look how pathetic Justin looks!

Nick: Yeah right. He's to stupid to know I'm Kid Nicky.

Justin: What? Kid Nicky? Where? I'll kill that damn bastard for messin with my ho- I mean bitch- ur, close female companion!


Before breast implants...


...After breast implants.

Oops, she did it again.  V?  What did she do the first time?

Lance:(with a slight lisp) Britney's highlights look so natural.
Joey: They didn't do a damn thing to Justin's fro!
Britney: Ha ha- Wait, Christina sold MORE albums then me? Quick, buy another thousand. You can go ahead and charge it to Justin's account.
Justin: SAY WHAT?!?!
Chris: Nod and smile... just nod and smile.
JC: Hey! They're opening a new Starbucks across the street! Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go...etc.


Joey: Lance, get off that skank before you catch something.
JC: Aw, crap.
Lance: Ow... nipples... stabbing me. Pain... help?
Britney: Once I'm through with Justin's, I'll move on to Lance's wallet.

*Mad propz to Lauran at our sister site for the survivor idea!