Did You Miss Me?

Q: did you cry when I got off Yahoo?

V: yes

Q: me2

V: aw

Q: I missed you so much man

V: yea, but I learned to accept it

Q: same here

V: and I moved on in my life, I'm doing better now

Q: same here. . . me Nick and Joey are all getting along fine

Q: what about you Lance and that annoying plant he insisted on buying... what was it called?

Q: um. . . Justin?

V: yeah, it's doing better, but it won't stop making these weird beatboxing noises

V: we should just take it to get a check up anyway, it's like permanently PMSing, he really hurts lance's feelings a lot

Q: have you given it some whore's yet? I heard the one called Britney quiets it down pree fast

V: yeah, we tried that, but we couldn't stand listening to them sing together at night, it was like nails on a chalkboard i tell ya

Q: Yeah. . . that's what happened when I gave Joey some whores to entertain him while Nick and I *cough*. . . JOey's singing was great, it was just all the "How you doin's" that got kind of annoying

V: lmao

Q: lol. . .

V: yeah, ma and lance found some *ahem* intresting ways to drown out the sounds

Q: so what are you going to do about the Britney problem now. . . I heard once you give her to Justin she won't leave until she sucks him dry

Q: lol

V: yeah, I can't believe WE had to pay for the stomach pumping this time

V: totally not cool on lance's wallet


Q: well Nick and Joey invited AJ and JC over the other day. . . our house is still in shambles

Q: see. . . they have a "Crack Posee"

Q: Nick's damn little pugs are still getting high from sniffing the carpet. . .

V: oh jeez

V: next time remember to tell JC to leave his CAFFINE at home

V: we had that problem once too

Q: uh oh

Q: but did you have JC and AJ?

V: nope, we wouldn't invite AJ over

V: there are FAR too many family airlums and stuff that lance keeps around, AJ's humping can REALLY get out of control and knock stuff over...

Q: lol, yeah, I had to learn that the hard way, that God I live there though or Joey and Nick would have invited them over a couple more times until they learned they're lessin

V: doomass

Q: yeah, Nick lost a couple of pugs the last time the two were over

Q: and he forgot to bring the calculator along when he went to go buy more

Q: now there about 7 pugs, 2 rats, 5 bunnies, a chinchilla and Chris here now

V: oh, chris is a handfull too

Q: yeah

Q: you had him once?

Q: I want to give him away, but Nick and Joey are so insistant over keeping him

V: he just does not know how to calm down, we had to give him some horse tranquilizers to get him to sit down for like 5 minutes...goddamnit

Q: seriously. . .

Q: then Nick wanted a Brian. . .

Q: now Brian is not to bad, but. . .

V: lance and I are like really mellow, and chris is well...NOT, so we had to give him away

Q: yeah

Q: thank God I got him. . . *sarcasim*

V: brian, he insisted on having a HUMONGOUS bible collestion, it took up one whole room

Q: yeah. . . Hey, Chris is attacking one of the pugs again and Joey and Nick are raiding the kitchen so I have to go stop the fight, talk to ya laters