Millionaire Day 2


Regis: Welcome to night two of Pop Star Who Wants to be a Millionaire-

VnQ: We do, we do!!! (they wave their hands eagerly in the air)

Regis: Shut up!

VnQ:(cower back in their seats)

Regis: Okay, well we picked who was going to go up next earlier this morning and the winner was Mandy Moore! Come on up Mandy!

Mandy:(bounds quickly up to the chair with a chirpy smile permanently engraved into her face)

V:(holds back Q from killing the "Pep Queen")

Regis: Now Mandy, you're a singer?

Mandy:(high pitched giggle) Yes! (purses lips and crosses eyes) Just like Britney! (giggles again and flips hair over her shoulder, she ends up throwing herself off the chair though from the weight of her extensions)

Regis:(eyeing Mandy who is struggling to get up from the floor) Are you on something?

JC:(runs up and shoves Regis to the ground) SHE'S NOT ON ANYTHING!!! SO STOP ASKING HER THAT!!! (quickly runs back to hhis seat and sniffs some crack, his anger almost immediatley calming)

(the entire studio has fallen silent and everyone is staring at JC. The only sound is Mandy's heavy breathing from working so hard to get herself back up into the chair)

Regis: Well, um, let's play Who Wants to be a Millionaire! (he sticks his arm out to point, accidently lightly smacking Mandy and knocking her out of the chair)

Mandy:(struggles to get back into the chair, but the hard work causes her to pass out)

Regis:(gets up and nudges the unconscious Mandy) Can someone do something about this?

(a maintenece worker opens a door, letting a light refreshing breeze blow in, causing Mandy to be gently swept away)

Regis: We'll be right back after a message from our sponsors! (points at camera, a cheesy smile plastered across his face)

(cheesy music plays as WWTBAM returns)

Regis:(points at camera) Welcome back, we already did the fastsest finger round during the break, so we're here with our winner, Nickolas Carter.

Nick:(proud grin) Hi, Rupert! (hums the theme song to the old Nick Jr. show)

Regis: It's Regis.

Nick: Oh, sorry Rupert.

Regis:(wavering smile) Why don't we just get on with the show. So let's play, Who Want's to be a Millionaire! (does the annoying gesture)

Nick:(flinches away in fright and unaware of it, begins to scream out) PLEASE DON'T HURT ME MANDY!!! I PROMISE YOU'LL GET THE RECORD DEAL!!!

Regis:(begins to get down from seat) Are you okay?

Nick: What? Oh, yeah I'm fine... let's just play. (wipes his runny nose on his sleeve)

Regis: Okay, for 100 dollars, what is the shape of a pizza? A- round, B- square, C- triangular, or D- Kevin's eyebrow shape.

Nick:(ponders for a moment) A, round...

Audience:(collective gasp)

Regis:(flustered) Uh, is that your final answer?

Nick: Yup! (proud grin)

Regis: Well, I don't believe this, that is correct... you have won 100 dollars!!!

Kevin:(runs up grabs Nick by the ear and pulls him off the stage muttering something about sabatoging his turn when it comes.)

Regis: Well, uh, that's all the time we have for today, stay tune for tomorrow's edition of Pop Star Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

(cheesy music)

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