Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Regis: Welcome to an extra special, Who Wants to be a Millionaire! Today on our show we have the worlds favorite people... pop stars! Yes, the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, and Christina Aguilera are here! So we'll beging with a fastest finger round!

(since Millionaire was dealing with pop stars the question was displayed 10 seconds before Regis asked it.)

Regis: Now since you all just want to see the pop stars, we will go straight to the winner of this round, Nickolas Carter! (the audience breaks out into loud, high-pitched screaming) Wait, my mistake. It's Howard Dorough! (somebody coughs, a cricket chirps) Come on up to the hot seat, Howard. (Howie and Regis both go up and sit in the seats)

Howie: Howie doin' Regis? (wink, wink)

Regis:(disturbed look) Just fine Howard.

Howie: Call me Howie, and stuff like that. (wink wink)

Regis:(another disturbed glare) Well, you are in the group known as the Backstreet Boys, am I right?

Howie: Yes, we are a very successful group. (wink wink) AJ, Nicky-

Nick:(whining) Don't call me Nicky in public!

Howie: Yeah. We'll we're from Florida-

Nick: That's where we resign. (proud grin)

Regis: Thank you for that usful information! Now, let's play Who Wants to be a Millionaire (points at random member of the audience) Ok, Howie, for a hundred dollars, the first question is... Who steals all the solos in Nsync? A-Justin Timberlake, B- Joey Fatone, C- Lance Bass, or D-Mandy Moore?

Howie:(look of intense concentration comes over face, and winking appears to double in intensity) Well, I've never heard Lance have a solo before, and well, Joey has had one that I've heard, but it appears that Justin starts singing in the middle of it, and stuff like that (wink wink) And it's just a-

Justin: Just answer (flexes arm in direction of camera) the damn question! (shows off the other flexed arm)

Howie: Ok, Regis (wink wink) I think I'm going to go with A, Justin Timberlake.

Regis:(narrowing eyes) Are you sure?

Howie: Well, the way your asking me that, I don't think I am... I think I'm going to ask for help from my fans in the audience. (turns around and waves at the audience, nobody screams)

Regis: Okay, audience, Howie needs your help. Pick up your key pads and punch it that answer that you think is right.

(audience all picks up their key pads, but since they all want Howie off, they punch in the wrong number)

Regis:(confused expression) Well it looks like the audience has said D, Mandy Moore. Would you like to go with that Howie?

Howie:(wink wink) Well, since my fans love me, and stuff like that. I'll go with D, Mandy Moore. (wink wink)

Regis:(after about 10 minutes of staring at Howie somberly and asking the repetitive question of "Are you sure?") That is incorrect, I'm sorry.

Howie:(on the verge of tears and winking rapidly) But I thought my fans loved me.

(the audience whistles and looks around innocently, while Howie shuffles backstage)

Regis: We'll see who are next contestant after this commercial break. (points at camera)

(Cheesy music plays as the show returns from it's break)
Regis: Chris got it in the fastest time, come on up Chris.

Chris: (looks at the other contestants) Ah hah, I won, you lost! (Does victory dance)

(V and Q give each other a disgusted, and frightened look)

Regis: Ok, thats enough, get over here and sit down.

(Chris walks over and sits on the freaky WWTBAM stage)

Regis: (making his small chat with contestants as he always does) So...Chris...you're in a boy band...called Backstreet Boys is it?

Chris: What?!? We're called Nsync! (points at his NSUCK baseball hat)

Regis: Then why are you wearing clothing to make fun of yourself?

Chris: To be funny...get it?! Ah hah!

(A silence fills the audience, along with BSB, the rest of Nsync, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and of course V & Q)

Regis: Never mind.... Moving on...let's start with our first question.
Which two members of a pop group share the same birthday?
A) Howie Dorough and Justin Timberlake
B) AJ McLean and JC Chasez
C) Joey Fatone and Nick Carter
D) Kevin Richardson and Lance Bass

Chris: (long pause) Is it...uh...can I phone a friend?

Regis: This early in the game?

Chris: Just do it!

Regis: Well, who would you like to call?

Chris: How about my friends cell phone? (he whispers the number to Regis, which inconveniences the game since he didn't give it in the beginning)

Regis: (annoyed look) Okaaaay...Our friends at AT&T *cheesy smile* are connecting your call.

(Dial tone, then ringing)

(A cell phone is heard ringing throughout the studio of WWTBAM. All eyes turn to Joey except for Nick who is searching aimlessly for the source of the ringing along with Joey, oblivious to his loud obnoxious cell ringing in his pocket)

Brian: (Turns to Joey and whispers) Your cell is ringing.

Joey: Oh thanks (quickly pulls the phone out of his pocket) Hello?! (yelps when he hears his voice ringing throughout the studio)

Regis: Calm down Joey! Oh god.... That took long enough(exasperated sigh) Ok, Joey you have 30 seconds to answer this question for your friend Chris here...the clock starts now.

(Chris explains the question to Joey often having to repeat himself, and explain the band members that they are speaking of in the question)

Chris: Ok Joe, what's it going to be?

Joey: Uh... (long pause as the clock slowly runs down to zero)

Regis: Well, since this is pop star WWTBAM, we were prepared for your stupidity, we have a surprise helpful hint for you. You can ask any contestant here what they think the answer is to this question, even if they are in the question. SO who's it going to be?

Chris: Britney...she's hot! Wait that's not who I wanna pick for the question thi-

Regis: OK, not the wisest choice. But Britney, who do you think it is?

(Britney who is gawking at Justin's fro, hears her name and look up to see both V and Q mouthing "Joey and Nick" over and over)

Britney: (mouthing) What about Joey and Nick?

Regis: Britney! We need an answer!

Britney: (smacks gum) Can you like...repeat the question?

Regis: (disgruntled pissed off expression) Ok, Fi-ne. What two members of a pop group share the same birthday?
A) Howie Dorough and Justin Timberlake
B) AJ McLean and JC Chasez
C) Joey Fatone and Nick Carter
(As this answer is said...V, Q, Brian, and JC are all mouthing "that one!" and are getting frustrated because Britney is staring frighteningly deeply at Justin and Chris is grinning like an idiot at Britney)
Or D) Kevin Richardson and Lance Bass?

Britney: (pauses for a long time) You said Justin right? Yeah I pick that one, Justy is always right. (Proud smile at her witty answer)

(Regis, V, Q, Brian, Kevin, JC and AJ all give a "what the hell???" expression, while Christina is glaring at Britney demonically, Mandy has a chipper smile, and Joey and Nick are discussing their favorite foods)

Regis: o...k...so Chris what's it going to be?

Chris: I'll go with Britney, she's hot.


Chris: Yeah.


Chris: Yes! Just do it you old poodle man!

Regis: (gives Chris a disapproving glare) I'm sorry but that is the WRONG answer.

Chris: Damn it!

Regis: Just for fun (the word fun hardly slips out) Let's see what the correct answer is...shall we? It was Joey and Nick.

(Both Joey and Nick heads spring up and they start vigorously looking around the studio)

Regis: It's been a pl-eas-ure (that word barely gets off the cue card to his lips) playing this with you Chris, but I'm sorry you won no money for charity, and- (the lights do a freaky thing and scary music accompanies it) Oh this means it's the end of our show, thank you very much, and come back tomorrow for more Pop Star Who Wants To be a Millionaire!

Day 2

Just got paid... Millionaire night...