Mandy's Daily Schedule

Without saying how (it's a secret) V and Q got Mandy Moore's daily schedule, and decided to share it with all of you.

7:00~ Wake up!
7:15~ Check to make sure there's enough ice cubes in my bath so I can be wide-awake!
7:30~ Get out of ice bath!
7:45~ Put on the tacky, bright outfit mommy picked out for me in the 70's!
8:00~ Get extensions put in again!
8:30~ Go to my Britney shrine and praise my goddess!
9:00~ Meet up with JC at Starbucks and give him my crack in exchange for his Prozac!
9:15~ Drink 15 Mocha Lattes and take the Prozac!
9:30~ Go to MTV sudios and bug Carson Daly!
10:30~ Film my show after having someone punch me in the throat! (usually Carson)
12:00~ Go to Starbucks and have 15 more lattes for lunch!
12:30~ Scour the land for any fans I may have!
1:30~ Stalk Britney again, and take more notes on being a pop diva!
2:30~ Attempt to get on Sisqo's shakedown!
3:00~ Sneak on to TRL and pester Carson during commercial breaks!
4:30~ Find Tyrese and ask him out again!
5:30~ Eat celery stick for dinner!
6:00~ Contemplate getting breast implants to be like Britney!
6:30~ Throw darts at my Christina dartboard!
7:00~ Work on over mouthing words for my video's!
8:00~ Hit the hay, so I can rise bright and early and be my annoyingly chirpy self!

*note to self:
~Get more crack for JC
~Howie called, he needs more herione to stop the winking

She looks really constipated...that's what to much Prozac will do to you Mandy!