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I think I speak for all of us...

There has been a recent battering of humor sites. New and old alike. People signing guestbooks yelling at the webmasters to update or change something on the site, or hell, even that they suck and they shouldn't be making fun of the pop star, or subject being made fun of.

Now can we just say this sickens us? Poor Chenney at Da Phat Farm was threatening to close the doors to her site because her g-book was being filled with comments of "update," "where have you been," "have you died," "you're still a fan right?" Poor thing. Luckily when she mentioned that it hurt her she got a positive response back.

As new humor site webmasters, we try to update as often as possible, but since we have lives away from the computer and *gasp* humor itself, it's hard constantly writing material. We also just started high school, so we're busy getting into the swing of things, and adjusting. But we've already gotten the constant pesters for updates in our guestbook.

As we both look through different guestbooks for other humor sites, new and old alike, it seems there are a lot of comments about the consistancy of updating. People we try for your pleasure... if you're going to just complain, why don't the humor sites all close their doors for a while? Why not tell us what we've done a good job of doing? Or, why don't you go and make your own site and see just how hard it is. We do this for you, and for our own enjoyment, but when people begin to go cruel, it's not fun anymore.

Then there's the stuff with being told we suck for making fun of pop stars. Well, aren't the people that say that being a little hypocritical. We just make fun of them (pop stars) along with ourselves, while you say we suck for doing that. You just went against what you were saying was wrong! This is a humor site... why are you here anyways if all you're going to do is bitch and complain?

The goal of a humor site is to make people laugh... if you don't laugh, sorry, maybe you don't share our sense of humor. No need to tell us we don't make you laugh, though. Just leave, no rude comment in the g-book is needed. Another goal of a humor site is to show others that the person being made fun of isn't perfect. We make sure we make fun of ourselves just as much so it doesn't seem we're saying we're perfect. Unless the person leaves an extremely obnoxious or rude comment to us we won't reply. While it does hurt us, we really don't want to sink to the tormentors level and talk back to them. We save that for our parents.

This goes out to all the humor sites out there... updated or not, funny or not, keep up the great work, remember it's all about the humor. And to all you complainers about updates or humor... go build a site, and update as often as you pester a humor site owner. Write all the new material out, watch hours of tapes, listen to days of music, and then update every week. If you don't want us to have lives, you shouldn't either.

~V n' Q~

Humor at it's best

Humor at it's best

Humor at it's best

Humor at it's best