A funny thing happened on the way to the BSB concert.

The Anthem of our Trip: "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..."

We almost bought a box of condoms from one of the vending machines at a rest stop.

A strange drawing was done in the car... VERY strange.

"Should that be happening?" ~ V asking if there should be a fire in one of the aisles behind the stage.

There was a group of soccer players staying at our hotel, and they were very rowdy. The most heard thing said by V and I when we were in the hall way, "Damn rowdy boys."

Me screaming bloody murder in the elevator all the way down freaked some kids that were waiting for it.

"We should have brought twinkies to throw up on stage. And once they got all cleared off throw more on, so that they have to stop the show and ask who keeps throwing twinkies. Then Nick will love us." ~ Me telling V a really good idea.

"There's Nick AND there's his butt!"

"My favorite Backstreet Boy is Tyke!"

"My favorite Backstreet Boy is Nick's butt. The sixth member!"

You truly don't know how hypnotizing Nick's butt can be until you see it live. I was looking at it basically the whole concert.

I could just go on and on about Nick's butt.

"If there was a fire we would run!" ~ Me talking about how standing in the aisles isn't a fire hazard.

"Stop seducing yourself in the mirror."

Me: Nick burping on Jay Leno was really funny. Kinda gross though, but I still thought it was really funny. I mean he could do it on command.
V:*blank stare*
Me: Kinda turned me on y'know?
V:*not hearing the last thing I said* I can do that.
Me: EEEEEWWW!!! V!!!!
V: I didn't mean it in that way!
Me: I know, but it was still gross.

"We are such teenyboppers." "No, only you are."

"AJ has a nice ass."

Me: Oh, good Lord, who ever is bending over has a really nice butt!
V: Ew, it's Kevin!
Me: Ew... *pause* He still has a nice butt, though.

"POOOOOOPY SQUISH!" Yes I really did scream that to Nick when he came over to our side.

"It's so sad, Nick is gay! I still love him though. I'll make him un-gay" "And how will you do that?" "Show him I can give him a better blow job then Howie." "Ew, I didn't need to hear that."

"Omg, Nick crossed his legs at the exact same time as you! That means you're soul mates!"

Dare: Go up to random person and say, "I can't believe we're at a BSB concert! Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, etc."
Task to get me to do the dare: Have my mom scream at AJ, "Shake that booty!"

"Who let that damn sea gull in here?" ~ Me saying what Nick would say when he heard my screaming.

"YEAAAAH KRYSTAL! YOU ROCK!!! Do you realize I'm the only one here that knows all the lyrics to her songs?" *strange looks are given to me*

"*random giggle* I still can't believe we saw them! *giggle* *teeny squeal* *jump*"

"Whoa, chill out" ~ Some random person wearing a "Nick Me Baby" (something like that) shirt. She told me this right when the Boys came out. Bitch. *glare* J/k!

"Wow, I met V and Q!" ~ We thought that was halarious...

"I look like the 'punky' chick from a girl band. Like Dream or something. *leg kick at the mirror*"

"How much you wanna bet Nick wrote that?" ~ I said this after V and I saw "Nick" scrawled on a wall in the arena.

"Ok, I need to make it look eaten."

"Hey, Q! Were you standing up and singing along with Krystal?" "Yeah" "Omg! I saw you!" ~ Tennie saying that she saw me at the concert, lol.

"When Coley said Q, I should have said who."

"Man, we should have gotten Burger King!"