The Girlfriends

Look, we need to talk...

Talk about what you may ask. The girlfriends of the guys we make fun of. Oh, we know that Brian and Kevin are married, but "girlfriends" is covering all of the women Kevin, Chris, Howie, JC, Brian, Joey, AJ, Lance, Nick, and Justin are romantically involved with.

We often go into chat's to hear a crack or vulgar language against Britney (eh, doesn't phase us too much), Danielle, Bobbie, Amanda, Leighanne, etc. It makes us wonder why people are so against the guys being happy. Yes, happy. These girls make them happy, and if they don't we trust that the guys will make the right decisions and dump them.

Often you may see a small joke made against a girlfriend or wife, but we both are supportive of the girlfriends, and have always welcomed them into the Backstreet or Nsync family with open arms. Any jokes made are always within context and are not derogatory or harsh towards the girlfriend mentioned. If any one on our site finds it offensive we will take it down, as long as it's within reason to be taken down.

One thing that get's Q mad are things against Leighanne (Brian's wife). I hope anyone that dislikes her is reading this right now, because Q would like to say that if it wasn't for Leighanne, Brian may not be with us today. In '98 when Brian got the doctors word about the grave condition of his heart and he kept pushing back surgery dates Leighanne got upset. She told Brian that if he didn't do the surgery she would leave him because she couldn't watch him do this to himself. Thank you Leighanne. Because Brian cares so much about you, and never wanted to lose you he got the surgery. From the bottom of all the fans hearts. Thank you.

And to all the rest of the women that make our guys happy, thank you. We're very glad you're in the guys lives. You make them who they are, even you Britney...

~V n' Q~

Too cute!

Look how happy they are... now you must be happy for them!