Fear: Q's Manor

The fear begins...

Sad, huh?  She's such a freak...

Rare footage from the show.

*creepy computer voice comes on*

CCV: You six have been chosen to show the world that you just aren't wimpy pop stars, but brave, um, human beings.

*Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Brian Littrell, JC Chasez, and Lance Bass all look at each other with wide eyes*

CCV: Your mission is to spend three nights at Q's house. You will explore and get information on freakish activity, and bring it back.

Lance: Oh, please not Q's house! Why couldn't it have been V's house?

JC: Because V's house is warm a conforting to be at. *all the other pop stars nod in agreement, except for Christina who lives either in Hell or a dank, dark crypt*

CCV: Click to review the rest of your mission.

JC:*clicks button*

CCV: You will be staying at the neighbors, where there is no freakish activity. You will be exploring three different hot spots in Q's house that have been swamped by freakish activity. The dinning room and kitchen area; the backyard; and the most freakish active area, Q's bedroom. You will begin your mission now.

JC: So, what do we do first?

Christina: Click on the thingy right there, you dumbass!

JC: Woo, back down woman!

Christina: Whatever... *walks away in a huff*

JC: We need to pick who's going to go first.

*silence* *somebody coughs*

JC: Fine, I guess the computer will pick or something. *clicks on the computer*

CCV: Pink, you will go to the dining room. Yellow will navigate.

JC: Who's pink and who's yellow?

Mandy:*jumps up and squeals* I'm wearing pink! Does that mean I go?

JC: Yes, please just leave now!

Mandy: But, who's going to navi.. navig... *purses lips and crosses eyes in concentration*

Lance: Navigate!

Mandy: You will? How great! *gives Lance an overly cheerful hug* Bye guys! *skips off with all her camera equipment on* Ok, I'm at the dining room... now what?

Lance:*talking into walkie talkie and reading off the computer screen* You are now in the dining room. Q has not eaten here for years, but is frequently spotted in the kitchen gathering food to take back to her room. On February 28, 1999, during her 13th birthday party, Q ate a coffee bean that she thought was a malt ball. This resulted in a constant bout of hyperness that led her to skate around the neighborhood on her new skateboard at midnight. Your dare is to open the refrigorator and get out a skateboard and a coffee bean, tell me when you have done this.

Mandy: Oh my God you guys, this is really scary. *stares at the refrigorator and listens for noises* You guys, I don't know if, like, I can do this.

Lance: Mandy, you can do this... ok? We all believe in you right guys? *turns and look at the rest of the group who are all playing Scrabble* Um, right guys???

*all the others look up and mutter yeah*

Lance: See, Mandy we all got your back!

Mandy: Ok, I'm, like, going to do this! *opens the refrigorator door and backs up screaming*

Lance: What happened? *the rest of the group gathers around Lance*

Christina: I hope something jumped out and beat the crap out of her.

Britney: But then, Chrissy, you would have to go and get her.



Mandy:*in a small frightened voice* ok. *quickly takes the cofee bean out and the skate board* Ok, got the stuff.

Lance: Now, eat the coffee bean.

Mandy:*eats the coffee bean and immediately jerks and twitches*

Lance:*shouting* Now, Mandy! You need to get on that skateboard and keep skating until I tell you to stop! Alright?

Mandy:*already skating around* Ok! WEEEE!

Lance: Ok, now what do we do?

JC: The computer says to move on to the next dare.

To Be Continued...

Who should go where?

You tell us