Eatin' BSB

Q: Hey Homie G-Funk Pal!

Q: Homie?

V: hi

V: doing HW

Q: hi friend friend

Q: then why are you online?

V: hola

V: dunno

Q: tsk tsk, bad V

V: just am

Q: hmmm, I was bored so I painted my nails a pretty pink... I think a Britney song was on when I did that

V: o i c

Q: what?

V: i am typing with a pencil

V: so i'm slow

V: o i c

Q: I'm typing with my... uh... fingers?

V: get it?

Q: yeah

Q: now nick is typing

V: that question markwas hard to make

Q: lol

V: ?

V: go me!

V: wow that was hard

Q: i would use kevin, but y'know how slow that would be

V: uh huh

Q: ...the action figures?

V: o i ccceeeeee

Q: ok Nick was being slow so I stopped

V: is my present coming tommorrow?

Q: yuppers, I put it in my book bag

Q: hey ya wanna action figure with your prez?

V: ok1

V: damneet

Q: which one?

Q: not howie

Q: or Kevin

Q: or aj

Q: or brian

V: nickolaaaaaaaaaaah

Q: ya want Nick?

Q: I should have some extra

V: is that my only choice

Q: sorry

Q: I don't have much of the others

V: ok

Q: I have like a shoebox full of Nick though

V: ok, how many of the other guys?

Q: I dunno

V: i'm typing with my fingers now

Q: I figured as much

Q: I know I have like 3 Howards

Q: dunno how many Kevin's


Q: um, Brian and AJ are around 5 or so, and then there are the Nick's... dun dun dun

Q: like 50 a those

Q: ya never know when you need a hit of Nick, lol

V: whoa

V: why?

Q: Are you doubting that I love Nick? What if I'm stranded on a desert island with nothing but a shoebox full of Nicks?

V: um, i don't wanna know what's goin down on that island

Q: You won't be lonely for your daily dose of BSB and the action figures are probably safe to eat

V: eat?

V: no way dude

V: i'd make a little bsb shack out of them

Q: I did tell you about the Carter Sauce right?

V: uh uhuh

Q: BSB Shack... I like the sounda that

V: grr

V: damn typoss

Q: ah ha ha!

V: bsb shack..not shag..dumbass

Q: did I say that

Q: how silly of me

Q: Shitz n' Giggles!

V: no...but i had a feeling u were thinkin thayt

V: grr typos

Q: *perverted grin*

Q: OH GOD!!!!!!!

V: O:-):-Dlike these 2 combineed

Q: I have to get Teen People!!!!!!!!

Q: OMG!!!!

V: god what?

Q: I'm hyperventalating

V: o yeah i heard

Q: I just saw the pics they used

Q: I can't breathe

V: lucy was like, insane abou that

V: omg

V: omg

Q: NICK!!!!!!!!!!

V: omg

Q: NICK!!!!!

V: i caan't breathe


V: omg

V: aaah


Q: OMG!!!!

V: ok

V: i get it

V: no

V: not yet



V: chill girl

Q: Ok that's better

Q: damn it!

Q: there's this site with the old TP cover next to the new one... OMG!!!

V: :-D

Q: I think I'm going to throw up

Q: I feel sick now

Q: I didn't get enough air

Q: DAMNIT NICK!!!! Why does he do this to me?

V: dunno

V: were u eating him?

Q: uh... *glances around nervously* No... *plastic hand falls out of mouth*

V: *is scared now and gives you the most disgusted look*

Q: it tastes best with Carter sauce

V: really?

Q: no...

V: aw

Q: I would eat Howie, but I'd probably have a bad reaction and start winking

V: oo, and he probably tastes likecrap

Q: yeah

V: u know who would taste good ?

V: brian

Q: I wonder if BSB got in trouble...

V: he would be all wholesome

V: and yummilicious

Q: Brian would probably be educational and religious tasting

Q: I think AJ would be an aphrodisiac (or however you spell it)

V: naw, like a good cracker

V: lol

V: probably

Q: what about Mr. Bush Brows?

V: hmmm

V: like fetticinni alfredo

V: that would be my guess

V: or like expensive wine

Q: yeah... he's like Italian, but not

V: or even like, cookies

Q: cookies?

V: chocolate chip ones

V: heh heh

V: yeez

Q: do I wanna know?

V: imagine biting him, and him tasting like a big yummi chocolate chip cookie

Q: I could imagine biting Nick and him tasking like Twinkies and Cheescake

V: nothing kinky here yet Q

V: cheeesecake

Q: it's like what they say... you are what you eat *perverted grin*

V: huh? *ponders this for a couple hours*...oh

V: hmmm

V: imagine eating howie and him tasting good, wouldn't u be suprised?

V: if he tasted like coca cola

Q: Howie would br Spanish food, Brian would be Apple Pie (that's such a momma's boy hick kinda thing y'know?) Kevin would be Italian food (or in your case V a cookie) and AJ... AJ... would be like Pina Colta (sp???) kinky sex wax stuff, y'know the stuff in Ladies Man

V: cavasiay

V: lol

Q: LOL!!!!

Q: *speaking with a site lisp* and I'm sittin' here with my bottle of cavasiay, waitin' for all the pretty ladies*

V: "i'm gonna sip my cavasiay while i take some calls" <---ladies man

Q: lol!

V: lol

V: heh heh

Q: we need lives

V: "hello caller?"

V: i love when he does that

V: it's funny

Q: yeah

V: ok

Q: Howie's starin' at me and it's creepin' me out

V: i'm doing HWand looing at the delias site while talking to you

V: and attempting to work on the site

V: my life is ok right now

Q: Nick also looks like he's about to give me the finger

Q: guess what?

V: hmm'

Q: my mom and I talked about death tonight... *begins to meow and claw at the air hissing, much like Chris Kattan in Goth Talk*

V: lol

Q: I wanna find some stuff on Jimmy Fallon... what ever did happen to us doing that site on him... I think we should just stick to makin' fun of pop stars

V: i think we should adopt a jimmy fallon, i want one, he looks like he'd be fun just to have around the house

Q: *uncomfortable look*

V: he;d make the coolest bro

V: ther

V: lol

Q: *stares strangly at V*

V: got cut off

V: c'mon now

V: *stares strangely back, in disapointment that yu do not understand her vision*

Q: I'm thuper, but I don't think you are! I think you have been thniffing that darn glue again!

Q: thanks for athking though!

V: um ...riiight

Q: I feel all thmiley and gay right now V!

V: *stares oddly at Q*

Q: that'th jutht becauthe you are tho thpecial!

V: *looks at her bed longingly*must sleep

V: must sleep

Q: would you rather me be Britney Spears?

V: no

Q: don't mention sleep!

V: then you'd just be a stripper

Q: damn straight

V: tell me a story

V: i'm bored

Q: but I'm working at Hooters remember?

V: no

Q: do I have to tell you a story?

V: uh huh *evil grin

V: *

V: you're obligated

Q: *a strained look comes across face* sigh, ok

Q: there was once a girl named V

V: uh huh

Q: she was IMing her friend named Q

V: <

V: damnit

Q: V had a magical whip that could go through her computer...

V: um

Q: she began to whip Q until Q would bid to her every command, like telling a damn story very similar to this one...

Q: well one day V was about to whip Q, when I hand from internet land stopped the whip...

Q: the hand belonged to none other then....

Q: Nic... no, Joey.... no, uh, LANCE!!!!

V: _
/ \
/ \


Q: Lance spoke in a deep commanding voice that had V melting. He said, "V, of Pop Stars Inc. You must stop whipping your friend Q! It is such a crime!"

V: "why is that" said V

V: "And what are you gonna do about it poofu" she said with a seductive tone

V: oopd

V: oops*

V: i don't think poofu is something said in a seductive tone do you?

Q: He then turned to Q, "Never shall you be whipped again," he said. He then grabbed Q jumped on to a random horse that seemed to just appear there to his convenience, and the rode off into the sunset together. Leaving V and a random Howie action figure alone with her whip.

Q: The End

Q: :-)

V: i wonder what we did with that whip

V: *ponder*

Q: You never said what kind of story it had to be

Q: *smartass smug grin*

V: ok, we could make it a kinky one

V: lol

Q: *perverted grin*

V: i ried, but i was SHUT down

Q: the kinky Q that you once knew is back

V: ok

V: new story then

Q: noooooo

V: one day....joey..AND ...Nick were hangin out club

V: ....

Q: and they saw Q and madly fell in love with her

Q: The End

Q: oh yeah

Q: Howie and Chris were there too

Q: they saw V

V: then they saw V and became ill and had to go to the mens rooom, the end

Q: and hung on to her, while she desperately tried to struggle away

Q: now The End

V: um

V: no way

Q: mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

V: nick, joey, and lance, all decided to have a slumber party

V: they invited V and Q

Q: Q was there and some kinky things happened

V: to come fix their..uh...AIM, since it wasn't working

Q: Q just humped Nick and Joey while V showed Lance how to fix his *cough* package

Q: because it was bustin' out

V: yeah

V: exactly

Q: LOL!!! I'm so clever

V: and then joey split those pants again

Q: Q continues humping

V: i just HAD to fix them for the guy

V: gave him some doritos too

Q: Q continues humping while Joey eats his doritos and innocently watch while two girls mark on his crotch and hump it

V: whoa

Q: lol, you said dorito's right when I was

V: when did u start humping him

V: i missed that

Q: I was humping both HIM and NIck!

V: and then as nick watched all this longinlgly

Q: soon Nick and Joey are both humping Q

V: um no

Q: then AJ comes along with his bottle of cavasiay

V: can i get some!

Q: Q puts up barbed wire around her, Nick, and Joey

V: ...

Q: "mwa ha ha ha ha ha, " he laughs demonically.

V: oh i get it

Q: I meant she

Q: "You can have Lance and the one humping the chair, he looks pretty horny."

V: then brian comes over to bring nick, joey and lance some cupcakes

V: and to his suprise

Q: Nick keeps humping

Q: so does Joey

Q: Q gets tired

V: ook enough humping

Q: and puts some cupcakes in her...

V: it's annoying now

V: lol

Q: hey,

V: whoa

V: in her..what?

Q: you cut me off!

Q: c'mon V... you've hung around me long enough to think of something really kinky

V: then justin comes over because his homies weren't down with his white boy moves on the dance floor

Q: I mean it's pretty easy, a humping Joey and Nick, Q, and some cup cakes

V: cupcakes, would not be pleasurable

Q: *thinks kinky and perverted thoughts*

V: yikes, messy,

Q: pretty soon all the pop stars are there, having a blast, humping galore!

V: but someone would have to help clean it up....ok, i went too far

V: nevermind

V: i said that

Q: but then Howie walks in, "Howie doin'?" *wink wink*

V: uh oh

Q: everybody flees (it was a bit more difficult for Q, Nick, and Joey as they were still humping)

V: ok, humping....NO

V: stop doin dat

Q: the party has ended, all because of Howard

Q: The End

V: no

Q: I have to go to bed

Q: because I need to get up early

V: yeez

V: but you killed the story

Q: and watch Nickolah and the rest of the boys on CBS

Q: I did not!

V: hmm

Q: humping is a natural part of life

Q: I mean look at AJ!


Q: and with that! good night!

V: there r more natural thing

V: s

V: g'night

V: SWEET dreams