Christina's House

V: what?

Q: *hops on a duck*

V: *looks around confused*

Q: *flock of sheep come running*


Q: *they are followed close behind by a herd of leprechauns*

V: *gets her sheep herding stick* woop woop

Q: *get's her rainbow staff*

V: *gets her leprachaun herding stick* shoop shoop

Q: yeep yeep

V: fine then

Q: *turns around and begins to pet her kitty*

V: *wishes she knew where nsync was*

V: *ponder* where di that random hippo go?

Q: *Nsync walks in* Hi, we're Nsync!

Q: *Q wonders where BSB is*

Q: *Aaron Carter walks in*

V: *BSB walks in* hi we're bsb!

V: *glares are exchanged*

Q: *Q claps giddly and begins to chuck twinkies at Aaron*

V: hey joey...are u really gonna be a dad?

V: *joey is too busy gathering the thrown twinkies*

V: damn it joey...*snaps in his face* LISTEN!

Q: *Q puts on "Man, I Feel Like a Woman"*

Q: *Q, Lance, and Howie begin to dance around singing the song*

V: *lance starts dancing with howie*

Q: *Q begins with a twinkie*

V: *wonders what Q just said*

Q: you don't know what I just said?

Q: *throws twinkie to the groun*

V: begins with a twinkie?

Q: yes

V: *JC and lance give Q confused looks*

Q: *Q looks at her feet and sniffs*

Q: *shuffles them around a bit*

V: yo Q...I think joey might die ofvitamin defficiency if u don't feed him something more healthy than twinkies

Q: *looks at Joey who is quickly stuffing himself full of twinkie*

Q: *starts throwing carrots*

Q: *joey doesn't eat them*

Q: *Q shrugs* Can't say I didn't try

V: FINE, I'll go cook something

Q: yeay!

Q: *Nick Joey and Q follow behind*

V: *shuffles down to the kitchen* hmm what is there to eat? *looks through cabinets*

Q: *Q Nick and Joey peer over her shoulder*

V: ah hah! instant mac and cheese! *pulls out box and starts bioling water*

Q: *country music trails into the kitchen*

Q: *Q cocks head to the side* whaaaa?

Q: Oh no... the country boys have gotten into my dads music section!

V: eh oh

V: *covers ears and stirs the maccoronis*

Q: *Q runs out of the kitchen to see Lance, Brian, and Kevin wearing cowboy outfits and going through her dad's CD collection of country music*

V: will u go deal with that Q?


Q: *Q bites lip*

Q: um...

Q: *presses stop*

Q: *the click of guns are heard behind her*

Q: V... they have guns!

V: *runs out of the kitchen* joey, nick will u add the mix in five minutes? * runs to find the sorce of the guns*

Q: *Q is staring at the guns Lance, Kevin, and Brian are all pointing at her

Q: *

V: oh shit

V: *uses her kung fu and kicks the guns out of their hands and gives them to Q* here ya go

Q: *Q looks up at V bewildered* you're giving the GUNS to ME?

V: *headss back to the kitchen to see that nick and joey are on fire*

Q: *accidently fires a gun*

Q: *JC and AJ run off thinking it's a drug bust*

V: *finds fire extinguisher* oh shit...QUUUU! what did u doo?

Q: *looks at Howie who is sitting petrified... a hole in the wall an inch above his head* Nothing...

V: *puts out joey and nick* JC? AJ? where y'all goin?

Q: JC: THE COPS! *another gun fires*

V: *comes in to see howie with a hole in the wall above his head* hey Q, did u always have that hole in the wall...I don't remember it

Q: *Q from the living room is heard to say, "Oops."*

Q: No... it was always there *gun fires*

Q: *tyke and busta yelp*

V: *takes the guns from Q* damnit

V: don't scare the pugs

Q: Uh, V... tyke's a chiwawawawawawawa

V: *goes back to the kitchen to try and clean up the mess joey and nick made in the kitchen*

Q: What smells like burning?

V: *calls from the kitchen* nick and joey are on fire again! *sounds from the fire extinguisher can be heard*

Q: *country music starts up again*

Q: *Q walks into living room*

Q: *sounds of more guns cocking are heard* Uh... V?

V: how many FUCKING guns are there in your house?

V: *starts freaking out from the stress of taking care of the boy band members*

Q: I thought this was your house?

V: no it's yours

V: your a cowboy...he has guns

V: right?

Q: No it's not... If it's not mie, and it's not yours... who's is it?

V: and hence the country music

V: what do you mean? where are we then?

Q: I don't know...

Q: *Christina Aguilera walks in*


Q: What are you guys doing here?

V: oh no! it's my future house in kentucky! or christina's

V: one of the 2

Q: RUN!!!!!!!

Q: *Christina pulls out a shot gun*

Q: Christina: YOu better

V: *tries tp explain to christina that we were just here ..because..., and realizes she doesn't know*


Q: *everybody runs*

V: *covers nick and joey sheilding them from the bullet*

Q: *Q trips over Christina's size 1 shoe and goes flying to the ground*

V: *knows better than to run because all the doors are locked*

Q: *see's a cheerio from her spot on the ground* yum.. *eats the cheerio*

Q: *nick and Joey whimper*

V: don't run! we have to work this out *hands christina some crack she found in JC's pocket* ok, are we cool now?

Q: *christina huffs and flips hair over shoulder*

Q: FIne...

V: christina: I guess....but get the fuck out of here

V: *everyone makes a mad dash for the door*


Q: lol

V: hee hee

The only thing that has been changed in this IM conversation is the screen names.