Brit Pics

Please have a barf bag with you...

What a wierdo!

Checkin' to make sure your implants are still in place, Brit?

Are those antenna or pigtails?

Justin:*shouting from the background* Turn your head a little bit more... There we go! Now the game is perfectly clear! Wow, Brit, with all that air in your head you bring in great reception!


This was taken in mid-trip, right before she rammed into the camera.

KILL IT!!!!!

*grabs Holy Water, a Bible, and Brian* MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELL YOU DEMON!!! *Brian starts beating it with the Bible* Oh wait Brian, it's just Britney. Sorry, Britney we thought you were a demon.

Hey ma!  I gots all mah teeth!

Britney Spears: Hicks 'R' Us spokesmodel

If you have any ridiculous or scary pics of Slutney, send them to us. We can't go to anymore sites looking for them. It was very traumatizing. We'll give you full credit too...