B n Q r Wierd!

It's not just V n' Q that have "problems."

Q: hEY!

B: Hola...como este'?

Q: sick...u?

B: I be doing that surbey info thingy now

Q: danke

B:*shrugs* I ain't sick...just a little disturbed by a certain Joshua's hair

Q: I didn't see the vid, but I saw a pic...

Q: he's on Viacrack

B: I only saw the pics too

B: Wanted to Jump Justin and Joey once I saw them though *drools*

B: I also got the napster download of them singing...YUMM!!

Q: i haven't seen a joey pic

B: You haven't???

B: Lord have mercy...been to JustJustin???

Q: no, and I don't think I want to either, lol

B: No...the JJBoard...has pics of the guys from the thingy

Q: oh ok

Q: you do know that you're going to be on PSiland right>

B: So I have been told

B: Am I going to have to be naked???

B: Cause if so....I gotta' work out

B: *L*

Q: no no no, don't worry

B: Goood

Q: unless... you want to be naked, lol

B: Unless I'm naked with Justin or Joey...no thanks *G*

Q: lol


B: Joey want's to know what mu pleasure is

B: Hold on


Q: shmer?

B: Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now Tour

Q: that's what it's called?

B: One of the tours

B: The second one

B: The first was the For The Girl Tour

Q: huh?

B: Then Ain't No Stoppin US Now.....then The NO Strings tour...and the next one is called Pop Odssy tour

B: For the girl who has everything...the first tour they did

Q: are you serious? POp Odessy?

B: Yeppers

B: They are going to go all the way back to when they first toured

B: The show is supposed to be like 2 hrs long

Q: cool

B: I'm gonna' see them in Vegas. VEGAS BABY VEGAS!!!

Q: how tite... wait, you got tix?

B: They don't go on sale till the 24th

Q: this month?

B: But...yes...My sister is getting them for me and my roomie and her

B: Yep

Q: and when are they in Vegas?

B: July 27th I believe

Q: I'm going to convince my dad to take me down to Vegas then, we got a lot of family that lives down there... maybe I could get tix too and we could hook up or something!

B: That would be hella' cool...wow...maybe....


Q: even if I don't get tix... I'll just drop some hints towards my brother

Q: and my uncles

Q: and my aunt

Q: so many connections, so little Nsync...

B: Plenty of JC's hair though

Q: yeah... damn that Viacrack

Q: are you still filling out that survey thing?

B: Yep

Q:*stares at you with a blank expression*

Q: wow...

Q: you take a long time on those things...

B: What??

B: No...I just keep talking too you too...*L* Gimme' a minute or two

Q: it's not like it's determing your future or anything...

Q: oh fine, blame it on moi!

Q:*pulls up a chair*

Q: I'll just be sitting here waiting... *picks up a copy of BOP* reading this teeny magazine...

Q:*picks up a tabloid* and this tabloid...

Q:*gets an idea*

B: Oh lord

B: They already got a tabloid teeny mag...it's called J-14

Q: I think, I will combine this tabloid *holds it up* and this teeny mag *hold magazine up* to create........ A TEENY TABLOID

Q:*looks at B with a forlorn expression* ruin my fun.....

B:*shrugs* Sorry

Q:*cuts out a picture of a pregnant Celine Dion*

Q:*cuts out Justins face*

Q:*glues Justin's face to Celines body*

Q:*mounts it on a piece of paper and in bold letters across the top writes...* WHO THE MOTHER OF JOEY'S BABY, REALLY IS...

Q:*looks at B who is tediously typing out the answers to her questions* I'm going to save this convo....

Q: 'cause it's funny...

Q: and has given me idea's *grin*

Q: I don't have many of those...

B: Your funny cause you are on crack


Q: JC doesn't know that I get to see Mandy AND Jerome

B: Now...if you were to get Howie's head and paste it to celines body...it would look like a girl...never mind

Q:*thinks* LANCE!!!!

Q:*tediously begins to look for a picture of Lance that isn't being half blocked out by another member of Nsync*

B: HAve to go back a long time

B: Round Germany



Q:*shrugs and continues flipping through the magazine*

B: Germany

B: Long time ago


B: Old school.....Lance the albino...anything when he looks like Elen...that's Germany

Q: oh, well see... I'm not as teeny boppery as you, so I don't compare Germany to Lance's female process.......................

Q: j/k!

Q:*braces self to be hurt*

B: Yes...but if I were to ask you when Nick had to bowl hair cut you would say about when??

Q: I would say like '95 or something... not use a location...

Q: but I dunno, I've only been a fan for like a year

Q: so I didn't see much of bowl cut Nicky

Q: eep *slaps hand over mouth*


Q: I didn't just say Nicky, I did NOT just say Nicky...


B: You said Nicky

Q:*bashes head on desk*

B: Nicky nicky nicky

B: Nicky is a chicky


Q: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Q:*begins tatooing "I Am Not A Teenybopper" all over herself*

Q: make sure people know at the concert...


B: Oh yeah...thatt'll work

B: Give it up

Q: I swear... I'm not a teenybopper...

Q: if I was a teeny bopper...

B: Even I got a fake tattoo of Joey on my arm at the concert in Oakland cause some radio station was giving them away

B: You'd go after a cute BsBer...like......Brian???

Q: hey! I want an Nsync tatoo... I want to wear it at the BSB concert!

Q: no.. Brian's.... Brian...



Q: what?

B: I gotta' do it over...Hotmail erased everything

B: ARGH!!!


Q: click back

Q: or undo or something!!!!!


B: Yep...got it...thank you

Q:*angels sing*

Q:*world rejoices*

B: *N Sync...where???

Q: No... BSB....

B:*cough* Yeah right

B: None of my guys where SKIRTS!!

Q:*O-Town comes out* Did some one say, Angels?

B:*kicks O-Town*


Q:*Q begins to beat them down with a broom*


Q:*pulls out shotgun*


Q:*BSB and Nsync appear in white angel robes*

B:*bows down before *N Sync* OHHH....

Q:*under the angel robes they pull out guns and weapons*

Q:*they kill O-Town*

Q:*they sing*

Q:*the world rejoices*

B: Woo-Hoo

Q: yee haw!