Part One: Getting the Tix

The journey begins...

It all began early Saturday December 10th, when my (Q) mom picked me up from V's to go to her office. We were going to try and get the tickets online, and since she had a fast computer we decided to use the one at her office.

Well we got there and got online and waited around for a half an hour waiting for the tickets to go on sale. About the time they went on sale I accidently froze the comp. SO my mom did a speed restart and when we got back online we saw that the tix went on sale.

Well, everytime our info was entered it kept saying that two many people were online at the time and reload the page every 60 seconds. Well I did that about 10 times, when finally this thing came up saying that we could only get 2 tickets... we needed 4. My mom and I were at her office for about another hour until we realized we weren't going to get tickets online.

So we went home and my mom was going to call Wherehouse (a ticket master location *cheezy grin*) while I went back online to try. So when I got on I saw that it said tickets were on sale, so I clicked on it and entered the info. And low and behold... I got the tickets. It was strange that I could get them on our peice of crap computer, while my mom's brand-new-works-like-a-charm comp didn't.

I started screaming for my mom to come quick because I got the tickets. Well she hung up on the guy at Wherehouse and came running. She looked over the information then looked at me sharply... "Did you check the date?" she asked me. I looked at the date on the ticket information:

SUNDAY March 18th, 2001.

That was the wrong date. I went back and looked at the date I clicked on... yup, wrong date. Well it turns out you can't refund tickets on Oops, well my mom was pretty pissed at me, and said I wouldn't be allowed to go to the concert if I didn't sell the tickets.

"Wait, we're still going?" I asked. She nodded and said we were going to get tickets from Wherehouse. SO she grabbed my arm and lugged me to the car and sped over to Wherehouse.

When we got there there were people in line, and my mom said something about how many people were already there to get tickets. But when I looked at the people I was pretty sure they weren't there to get Backstreet tickets. They were college guys... HOT college guys.

So I had my "Embarassing Moment of the Day" happen. Standing in line with my mom waiting for Backstreet tickets. I didn't know it would get worse... yes it does get worse.

I'm standing in line alone (my mom left to go look around because she was getting bored) and wondering what these people were in line for. Turns out they were in line for Kid Rock tickets. And *deep breath* it gets even worse.

I began to think, "Well, maybe they like Backstreet, you never know." Right when I thought that, the guy in front of me grabs the SOMH single and begins totally mocking BSB. Now, my enraged teeny bopper was about to come out and I was going to tell him off, but then I looked at him (big, tall, strong looking, college guy) then I looked at myself (small, kinda tall, no muscle what-so-ever, high school freshman girl). I think you can put two and two together.

Finally my turn came up. This is where it gets bad. I can remember the conversation:

"K-Rock tickets?" the Wherehouse guy asked me.

"No, Backstreet Boys," I said quietly, not wanting to draw attention to myself in a store full of evil Backstreet hata's.

"BACKSTREET BOYS?!" the guy literally shouted. I could seriously hear and feel the heads turn and look at me. Well, my covers blown, so I nodded.

All in all I ended up getting the tickets for the right date! *the world rejoices* Hopefully I can get some better tickets, because my seats suck. At least I'm going though. So if anyone is going to the Saturday March 17th show tell me. We can like hook up and meet or something like that!

So, stay tuned for some more parts of this concert adventure come up. And maybe we'll post something about the Nsync concert *braces self for hard blunt objects to be thrown at her by the rabid Backstreet teenies*. Keep checking up, I'm sure there are more things bound to happen before the concert... they always do.