All About V

Here on this page you will find all about the wonderful, closet Nsync fan on this site...V!

Name: That information is not accesible

Birthdate: November 5, 1986

Height: 5'6 1/2"

Lives: The lovely Santa Barbara, California

Love Life: Zip

Hobbies: Skatin', fashion, shopping, making fun of pop stars

Pet Peeve: Racism and sexism, animal abuse, the lack of solos Lance and Joey have

Favorite Quote: "Love everyone" ~~from herself

Favorite Nsyncer: Joey...Lance comes in a close second. Sometimes vice versa, but who should be so picky

Fav Nsync Song: "I Thought She Knew" because of Joey's 1 solo on the whole CD. And "Everything I Own" for Lance's sexy little part.

If she saw Joey walking down the street she would...
"Smile, blush, and say hi"

Quote she was recently heard saying pertaining to pop stars:

"Oh, the teenies are screaming now. Sitting Britney next to Justin was a bad idea."

Q thinks V should be in Delia's!