All About Q

Now it is time to learn about the infamous Backstreet fan on this site...Q!

Name: The real one sucks...

Nicknames: Q (duh), Butter (w/Soup), Jif (w/Skippy) Yota (w/Rolla), Moe (w/Joe), Swifty (w/Scooter), Dr. Evil (w/Mini Me), The Pretty Ruler of the World (w/The Smart Ruler of the World), Helena (w/Hermia), Annie (w/Fiona), Samilay (w/Davilay), Wallace (w/Gromit) Sam-I-Am, Sammy, Pook, Pookie, Pookster, Da Pook, Gibby, and some others I can't remember at the moment... when I do, I'll post 'em.

Birthdate: February 28, 1986

Height: 5' 7"

Lives: Has lived in Santa Barbara, CA all her life

Love Life: Married to Nick Carter...well she wishes

Hobbies: Anything to do with theatre or acting. Shopping comes in there also, as well as obsessing over BSB and making fun of pop stars.

Pet Peeve: Justin, people saying "chub" is bad, Chris's obsession with the word "poodle", Howie's wink, people who don't like freaks, the list could go on for days.

Favorite Quote: "South Africa, you dildo!" ~~Kevin Richardson

Favorite Backstreet Boy: Nick...I loved him with chub, he lost it, and I love him with out it. How can you not like him?

Fav Backstreet Boy Song: How can I pick one? Um..."Everybody" bacause I can answer Nick's "sexual" question with one big yes. "Like a Child" cause I have issues with that song. There I singled out two, but there are more with special meanings.

If she ever saw Nick on the street she would...
"Run screaming up to him, pinch his butt, and leave this sites name and URL in his pocket."

Quote she was recently heard saying:

"All that glitters, is not a key." I said that because V and I were searching through her glitter-filled back pack for her damn house key.

Like my pj's?