Brian the Nsync Slayer Chapter 3

Brian:(cautiously steps on to the grounds of an old mall) Hello? (his voice echoes) Hmmm...

(He starts walking down looking at old deserted stores. Suddenly he hears the faint sounds of "Bye Bye Bye" coming from an abandoned Claire's store)

Brian:(knocks politely on the door where the music is coming from full blast) Hello?

(Nobody answers so he pushes open the door and Nsync posters are covering the walls)

Brian: A teenies lair... (walks to the backroom where the music seems to be coming from) Hello? (pushes open door and see's Nick sitting on the floor masturbating)

Nick:(see's Brian and let's out a high pitched scream)

Brian:(looks at the scattered marionettes and even more Nsync posters) No, Nick... no... (shakes head in disbelief)

Nick: I'm sorry Brian, Lance's eyes... like cat's! (begins to meow)

Brian: Nick, you know what this means I have to do. I'm sorry Nick.

Nick: Not if I get to you first (starts doing the Bye Bye Bye dance)

Brian:(reaches into his side pack and pulls out O-Town) I'm sorry Nick!

Nick: Nooooooo!!! (falls to the ground dead)

(Suddenly the rest of the Scooby Gang comes in and see's the room and Nick lying on the floor)

Kevin: Nsync got to him?

Brian:(nods sadly)

Kevin: Well, he didn't become a member... just a teeny.

AJ: Then, like, why did you kill him?

Brian: Because Nsync teenies can convert anyone to liking Nsync. But they hate O-Town so that's how I, killed him. (lowers head in sadness)

Howie: Oh, he was my best friend (wink wink) and now, he's gone! (sob, wink, sob)

Brian:(puts arms around Howie's shoulders) Don't worry... we'll get Nsync... I'LL get Nsync. Even if it's the last thing I do.

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