Brian the Nsync Slayer Chapter 2

Kevin: Do you have your supplies?

Brian: Yes... I think. (unsure expression)

Kevin: Let's go over it. (pulls out a long scroll that only has two things listed on it)

Brian: Ok I have a fashion magazine-

AJ: Why do you need that? (flips long dyed-red hair over shoulder, but it comes flying off since it's a wig)

Nick:(extremely disturbed look) AJ, the eagle just called he want's his- (quickly loses train of though) You guys!!! Where did my twinkie go? (gets down on all fours and crawls around searching for his "twinkie")

Kevin: If we could just get back on top-

Howie:(pulls out a twinkie from his backpack) Here Nicky, you know I always come prepared. (smiles and winks)

Nick:(quickly grabs the twinkie from the winking midget, and runs to a dark secluded area of the library)

Kevin:(smoke coming out of ears) PLEASE CAN WE GET BACK ON TASK???

(the whole Scooby gang, minus Nick, has taken a large step away from the steaming Kevin)

AJ:(struggling to situate his wig again) Should we like, pour water on him or something?

Howie:(has now pulled out a glass of water from his backpack and has poured it over Kevin)

Kevin:(speaking through gritted teeth) Thank you. Now if we could just get through this and Brian could be on his way.

AJ:(taping wig down) You never explained why you need a fashion magazine.

Brian: You see, it is known that Nsync has really bad fashion sense, so the fashion magazine is harmful to them. If they don't have they're awful fashion sense, they're gone!

Howie: Genius Brian, why are you always so smart? (winks)

Brian:(steps away from the winking midget) Uh, what else does the list say Kevin?

Kevin: Bee's?

Howie: Bee's?

AJ: Bee's?

Nick:(speaking through a mouthful of twinkie) Bee's?

Brian: The Nsyncer known as Lansten-

Howie: Lancey? (wink, giggle, wink)

Brian:(confused expression) Riiight. Um, well he's afraid of bee's. So thus we have bee's!

Kevin: Brian, you are ready. (places hand on Brian's shoulder and looks him dead in the eye with a somber expression)

(the rest of the scooby gang all looks at Brian. A dramatic mood as filled the room. It is interrupted when Nick farts)


Brian: Well that ruined it! I better go now. Wish me luck! (leaves library)

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