Brian the Nsync Slayer Chapter 1

(The Backstreet gang are all hanging out in the school library. Kevin, Howie, and Brian are all looking over old books, with the title containing the words, Nsync)

Brian: So, Kevin. What exactly are we looking for?

Kevin: The thing Nick and Howie saw at the Britney concert.

AJ:(throws down his nail file) What were you guys doing at a Britney concert?

Nick: Well, um, uh...Howie?

Howie: Well, my friend-

Brian: You have friends, Howie? I thought I was your one and only friend in our small group!

Nick: But, Brian... I'm your best-

Brian:(winking and speaking through gritted teeth) No, Howie is my best friend!

Nick: Wow, Bri! When you do that you look like Howie!

Kevin: Can we just hear what Howie and Nick saw at the concert?

Nick: Well, Howie and I were walking along the front rows looking for some twinkies.

Howie: He was looking for twinkies, I was looking for some new bra's that Britney may have dropped. (He receives wierd looks from the rest of the Scooby Gang)

Nick: Uh, yeah. So we're walking along and we see this large fluffy object move slowly through the crowd. Some people were screaming... I coudn't tell what kind of screams they were though.

Kevin:(quickly flipping through a book and adjusting his glasses more) Could you describe the creature just a bit more?

Howie: Um... It had a giant, curly, brown-gray object on top of it's head. It's nose was rather large. And, um, I did see that it was carrying shopping bags around with it.

AJ: What kind of shopping bags?

Howie: I think the bags said "Easy Chick Lingerie " on them.

Brian: Britney...

AJ: That bitch hit that new store before I could!

Kevin:(wary glance at AJ) Well, is there anything else you could describe about this creature?

Nick: I heard it talking! It was some strange language... I can't quite put my finger on it.

Kevin:(holding up a book triumphantly) I think I have it! Can you remember any of the words?

Nick: Yeah! Um... foo, dat not coo, homie-

Brian: Ebonics!

Kevin: Yes, just who I thought.

AJ:(looking bored) Who?

Kevin: Justin Timberlake.

Chapter 2